Friday, August 29, 2014

Block Talk in August

This week I have two Patchique' Blocks and two Sew Kitschy BoMs  to share with you.

Sewing blocks along with The Patchsmith
Patchique' Block #2 :  Shima ichimatsu (which means Stripe Check)

#2  Stripe Check   from the Book 

I followed the helpful tips that Amanda, The Patchsmith , has explained  in her blog post ,  since this block is made up of 36 two-inch squares.  It involves sewing the two fabrics in 2 inch strips together, and cutting that new strip crosswise.  I was happy that it all turned out, using my scant quarter inch.

Block #2  Stripe check              by Susie's Sunroom

Patchique' Block #106:    Ken giku  (which means Sword-petaled chrysanthemum)

Block #106   Sword-petaled chrysanthemum  from book

This block is basically a dresden plate, with 16 petals.  I wanted the flower to be brown, with green and red colors to be featured.  I started sewing, and held my breath when it came to adding the last petal into the circle... and the petals fit in beautifully.  Whew!

#106   Sword-petaled chrysanthemum                        Susie's Sunroom
Next up:  Sew Kitschy BoM      Paper Pieced  designs by Kristy  at  Quiet Play blog

July's block:  Retro Radio
July BoM  Sew Kitschy   Retro Radio    @Quiet Play

July BoM  Sew Kitschy   Retro Radio            Susie's Sunroom

August Block :   Kitchen Utensils
August BoM  Sew Kitschy   Kitchen Utensils    @ Quiet Play

August BoM  Sew Kitschy      Susie's Sunroom

And here are my  eight blocks... only one more block to go!

Sew Kitschy BoM                          by Susie's Sunroom

Just wait until you see the ninth and final block... it's really  "Sew Kute !"

I'm off to my sewing room!
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  1. wow that sword petaled is awesome, I love the colors. Your kitchen blocks are turning out wonderfully too

  2. Beautiful blocks Susie! I adore your color sense!

  3. The dresden/sword petaled flower is lovely. Also think the kitchen paper pieced blocks are adorable. I had not seen anyone doing that project. Very nice!!

  4. The sashiko prints in the chrysanthemum block really lend a Japanese air to the block. (I always picture Anne of Green Gables spelling chrysanth-E-mum in my mind when I type that word.) Your Sew Kitschy blocks look fabulous as always. The fabrics and colors you chose are spot on. Looking forward to seeing the last block!

  5. Gorgeous blocks Susie!!! You are in the home stretch with Sew Kitchsy! I better make sure I have downloaded the August block as it is about to be September in Aus

  6. Love all your blocks. They show what a multi talented lady you are.

  7. You applique blocks and you pp blocks are equally beautiful. I specially love the Sword-petaled chrysanthemum.



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