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Keeping Up With Patchique'

Keeping Up with Patchique'

Patchique Quilt Project with The Patchsmith

I spent a relaxing afternoon working on  the Week 6 Patchique' blocks.  (Most of the time was relaxing, but there was a point that was stressful  while I was trying to line up 49 little blocks...)

Block # 11:    Kasuri koshi  (or Kasuri check)
Block # 11    photo by Susan Briscoe  in book page 41

This nifty little 9 1/2  inch block has 49 little blocks in it!!  Those are checks I'm supposed to make. 
One year ago, I probably would've "passed" on this block. 
But this year, I am determined to stretch and grow... and so I fearlessly follow my talented leader, Amanda, The Patchsmith, as she helps find easier and more practical ways to create the trickier  Japanese Taupe Quilt blocks.

Amanda diagrammed -out how to make 2 different rows of strips, and then how to cut up these rows, and combine them in a way that was easier than putting 49 little pieces together.  (see her blog post HERE.)  

I tried to be very exact in sewing my strips together, and to use an  exact scant 1/4 inch seam allowance,  and not to stretch my fabric by pressing seams early...  and managed to match " a lot of the  seams ."   I used my seam ripper (Cruella DeRipper) a bunch, but I didn't curse , because I made those seam stitches looooong in length (and  therefore easier to rip out !)   Besides, Amanda said this block is "fiddly" and she won't be making this block again!  

So be kind when judging this block.... I am still learning!  

Block # 11  Kasuri koshi ( Kasuri check)  by Susie's Sunroom
I can live with this block.   I do love it's colors. It is even prettier in person. It is strangely calming!  (Maybe because it is DONE !)

Block # 78:   Rokuyo  (Hexagonal flower)

Block # 78  block by Susan Briscoe in book , page 80

This applique' block was fun to make.  The book has a pattern that is one quarter of the design, and I had to fold the Heat n Bond lite , and cut out the  flower shape design as if making a snowflake  ( on 2 folds.)

Block # 78  Rokuyo  (Hexagonal flower)     Susie's Sunroom

I did not  sew accents stitches  on the center of my flower, as the red fabric has the "stitch marks" printed in the fabric.  I did blanket stitch around  the outer edges of all of the shapes.  

Here is the composite chart of all of my  finished Patchique' blocks so far:

Susie's Sunroom   completed  Patchique' blocks so far
My completed Patchique' blocks so far     12 completed!

Remember when I mentioned  in the last blog  , that I would like to make another Scissors Keeper from a pattern that I saw?  Hint:  It was a strawberry ...
Strawberry Scissorkeeper    photo by Red Brolly blog

Well, I did make this little cutie...    A Strawberry Scissorkeeper   by Bronwyn  Hayes at Red Brolly blog.

A Strawberry Scissorkeep   pattern by  Bronwyn Hayes at  Red Brolly

I was gathering my felt and  embroidery thread up for this project, and dumped a big pile of different threads out of the bag.  Guess what I found hidden  in the pile?  This cute little pair of embroidery scissors!  I obviously bought them a long time ago, and had completely forgotten about them.  (Yay....  a late Christmas gift to myself!)

Changes and observations:

  • I simply enlarged the pattern , at 120 % , on my scanner, to get the pattern to be large enough for  these 5 inch scissors.

Strawberry Scissorkeep       design by Bronwyn Hayes
  • I omitted using the Heat n Bond fusible that the pattern calls for.   I just made sure I sewed the pieces together securely.
  • I didn't want the little ribbon hanger at the top, so I omitted this.

Lift the strawberry cap up, and slide the scissors in

  • This project was really fun to make!  I didn't use the sewing machine at all.  The embroidery touches are simple and quick.  And it was easy to sew the little glass beads onto the felt front.

Have you made any kind of scissor holder yet?  
 If so,  share them  by linking your photo at our Flickr Group !  Amanda, The Patchsmith, has added her sweet and functional scissor holder pictures to it.   You can see the other Across The Pond Sew Along projects there as well.

I will most certainly make this Strawberry Scissorkeep  again.  It simply makes me smile when I peek inside it and see those tiny little scissors. 

I'm off to my sewing room!


  1. Lovely blocks! It is nice to stretch ourselves isn't it? That snowflake design looks like it was super fun.

  2. I like your strawberry scissors holder.

  3. Love the strawberry Scissorkeep!! Cute

  4. you know how i feel about it!!!!!


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