Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Basket and Blocks

The January weather is snowy and really  cold outside, and it is great to be  inside sewing, with a cup of coffee at my side.  Perfect weather to work on my comforting Patchique' blocks!
Amanda, The Patchsmith, leads the way to making the blocks from this book

First block:   #15   Kasuri niju kaku  (Kasuri double square)

#15  Kasuri double square from the book

This block , a double square,  uses 3 different fabrics.  I went to the first fabrics that anchored my brown colorway for the blocks.  (Moda FaLaLa)
#15  Kasuri double square      made by Susie's Sunroom

Second block:  #75  Hoya no hana   ( Hoya flower)

#75  Hoya flower   from the book

#75  Hoya flower    made by Susie's Sunroom
This block had a lot of applique' pieces to cut out, and to blanket stitch around the outer edges (machine). I like the brown and aqua colors together.  I enjoying looking at the blocks together in groups after I make them....

Side by side...  #15 and #75    made by Susie's Sunroom

Do hop over to see Amanda's progress on her Patichique' blocks, and see beautiful  pictures in her Flickr group. 

My progress in the Patchique' journey so far:  (slow and steady progress!)

Completed blocks   Jan 22

Basket time:   a Divided Basket    pattern by  Anna at Noodlehead 

This basket is one of my favorite baskets to make! This is a nice sized basket, with so many possible uses!

Divided basket  by Noodlehead    made by Susie's Sunroom

Fabric:   Le Cerise    berries and script   by Susan Winget
             green tonal blender

Basket Dimensions:  13.5"wide, 7.5" deep, 10.5" tall including handles (7.5" tall without)

I fell in love with these fabrics...  The black and cream  outer fabric has French words for different berries .  The companion fabrics are so pretty... with berry panels, a blueberries and leaves print , and  a cute cream text with  nature sketches.  ( I *heart* these!)
The basket went together quickly, as it was the second time I made it, and I knew what to expect.  The directions that Anna provides are excellent!

I placed a  blueberry panel on one side of the divider section

The other side of the divider has cherries

I was nearly giddy with delight when I noticed that the berry panels fit exactly into the dimensions of the divider, and could be put in as a feature on the front pocket of the basket!  (You , out there, know what a great feeling this is when you first discover something fits exactly for fussy cutting!!)


Strawberry panel on the front outer pocket

My  dear friend is using this basket for her mail.  I hope she thinks of me every time she uses it!

Blog Hop Ahead...
Have you noticed the new button on the top right of my blog page? 
                  It is the Hugs and Kisses Blog Hop,   Feb. 12- 19. 
The creative and ruffley Mdm Samm , at Sew We Quilt, has organized this Feb. blog hop, with Soma , at Whims and Fancies !

I   have been busy making some projects for the upcoming blog hop that I am in , using  fun and fresh new Valentine's Day patterns designed by the talented Soma,  of Whims and Fancies !  

You can buy Soma's patterns, where donations are being made with the purchase.  
The whole list of the bloggers will be coming out soon, and I will have them on my blog.  You can look for my projects , near the end of the hop (so far that's how I am scheduled!)

Well, I think I need to make a divided basket  for myself now!  One can never have too many baskets..

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I'm off to my sewing room!


  1. I love the double square, it's perfect.I'm following your progress with these block with great interest.

  2. You really have been sewing up a snowstorm! The blocks are looking lovely together, and that divided basket is simply elegant! The fabrics really compliment one another brilliantly, and I love the dash of green! Can't wait to see your hugs and kisses post coming up!


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