Thursday, July 2, 2015

Geometric Bird Pillow

A "Tweet" Pillow for Summer

Remember this sweet Geometric Bird block that I made in June?  ( posted here )

Geometric Bird pattern  by Kristy @ Quiet Play
(paper pieced)  

What happens when you add some  1 1/2 " sash borders ,  a zipper ( for the  backing)  and a plump little 16 " square pillow insert?

Summer Cuteness!!

Geometric Bird pillow    by  Susie's Sunroom

Back of pillow   ~  using the Covered zipper tutorial  by Amy Made That!
This zipper opening on the pillow back is super easy to make,
 when you follow Amy's tutorial!!   { here }  I used the  scraps from the sash borders to make the cover over the zipper.

(  I love buying my zippers at  Etsy Zip It !  (I am not compensated by Zip It!  I just love her selection and the excellent  customer service! )

Guess what?! The USA  pillow form company,  Pillow Cubes,  has given me a COUPON  code for a 10% discount,  for any Susie's Sunroom readers!!

The code is ~      susiepillow

Use coupon code  susiepillow for 10% off your order

If you are like me, and make LOTS of pillows, then this is an awesome deal!! 
I can  buy them by the box, at a really good price!  Then I can stuff them into my closets  store them away, and I'll  have a pillow insert ready for whenever the " pillow making whimsy "  hits me ... even  at 9 pm at night !!

For example, as of today:     The cost per  pillow is under $5  ---- for a  box of 14  -  16 inch square pillow inserts (made in the USA) .  That includes shipping, and using the  "susiepillow" coupon code!    (

That's a "tweet deal" using the coupon code " susiepillow"  at

I'm off to my sewing room!

***  I am not receiving anything from just passing on a coupon code that was offered for my viewers!  ***


  1. What a gorgeous pillow! I love Kristie's pattern and your fabric choice of blues and white is just lovely!

  2. What a pretty pillow! Thanks for sharing the coupon code, and also the ling for my pillow backing tutorial. You did a great job making yours!!! (My favorite color!)

  3. Oh Susie, this cushion is so pretty!

  4. Summer cuteness, indeed! Thanks so much for the link to Amy's zipper tutorial. I am definitely going to use it!


  5. A gal can never have too many cushions. Your pretty blue bird cushion is singing the most melodious of tunes.....'tis quite simply gorgeous!

  6. What a fun finish for your sweet bluebird block! Congratulations Susie on getting that coupon code and have fun "stuffing those pillows in the closets" Hahaha!


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