Monday, June 1, 2015

Pouches To Go!

On The Go With Across The Pond Sew Along 

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Are you going on any trips this summer?  Maybe you'll find something for travel, or things "to go"  , that you 'd like to make!

Amanda, The Patchsmith, has made herself some beautiful  patchwork book carry covers! 
Isn't this so pretty!!   You'll see another book cover idea, as well, over at The Patchsmith!
Her patchwork  and stitching are so delicate and lucious!

      Amanda's Book Carryall        {here}
photo by The Patchsmith  

I love using pouches when I travel... "There is no such thing as having too many pouches!" (You can quote me on that!)   So I made  myself a Dumpling Pouch,  by Michelle Patterns.

Dumpling Pouch  by Michelle Patterns  -  free tutorial
I wanted it to coordinate with some other travel bags that I have made in the past.

Dumplings Zip Pouch Tutorial:   by Michelle Patterns  {here} - the easier pattern
Fabrics:   Dab Of Jazz    Maywood Studios  ( I had a lot of the Dab of Jazz line in my stash)
               White Brussels Linen

Thread:   Aurifill   Color Me Happy     the variegated light green
Zipper:   Apple Green        I get my zippers from Zip It!

Dimensions:  about 6 1/2 " wide  x 4 " high

Come to me,  my little dumpling!!

I used the  linen for two rows of squares in the middle. (They turn up in the bottom of the pouch.)

Oh, this  little pouch is super fun.  The only fiddly part was adding the binding in the lining for the ends of the zippers.    I took my time, and hand basted where Michelle suggests to hand baste.

The other side of my dumpling

The bottom- I love seeing quilting on linen... this is the  Aurifil " Color Me Happy"
  light green with variegations

The lining    

Next, I made an Eye Mask.  I usually want to go to sleep, while my husband reads awhile longer.  I like using an eye mask.

Erin, of Dog Under My Desk,  wrote a great , and free,  tutorial for an eye mask-

Free Tutorial at Dog Under My Desk

My Dab of Jazz  Eye Mask                      by Susie's Sunroom

My Travel Set      Susie's Sunroom

Are you curious about the other items you have seen in the pictures?

I'm ready for a trip!      Susie's Sunroom
(far left): The Linen To Go Pouch,  Eye Mask (in front pocket), The Dumpling Pouch  &
 Tote with Zipper
(design by Taylor Made Designs- Totes with Zipper TMB-155)

The tall linen bag on the left is a tall zippered pouch, with handles and oodles of pockets inside. It is new  pouch that I created . I call it the "Linen To Go Pouch."    It has handy pockets on the front, as well as the inside.   ( If anyone is interested, I will try to make a pattern for it.  Let me know.)

Linen To Go Pouch - Dimensions:  10 1/2 " across  x 11 " high x 4  "  deep
Pockets:  4 outer  /   3 small ,   1 medium,  and 1 large pocket inside
Zipper top enclosure

Linen To Go Pouch  design by Susie's Sunroom

Inset zippered closure
Lots of pockets inside. Yoo-hoo! The Dumpling is down in there!

 The small duffle bag on the right is a  design by Cindy Taylor Oates. It is about 15 1/2 " across by 12 inches tall.  I made this bag a few years ago.  

I also made some bigger travel bags, in the Dab of Jazz fabrics, and will share them with you sometime soon.

Want to see what we are making in our Across The Pond Sew Along group?  You can look right here in our Flickr Group.

What will you be taking along on your next trip? 
I'm off to my sewing room!

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  1. Your pouches, bags, and eye mask are all so coordinating and luscious!! Hope you get to go on a vacation soon!

  2. What an elegant collection. I can just see you going through customs and everybody looking at your co-ordinated hand-luggage thinking that a woman of style is in town.
    p.s. Thank you for the link to the dumpling pouch - I'm gonna have a go at one of these for sure.

  3. Love the fabrics in your projects. So bright and cheery. Love the idea of Across the Pond Sew Along.

  4. You are definitely ready for a trip; the fabric used is the perfect match to an exotic place!

  5. My gosh Susie - What a gorgeous travel set! I love every adorable item you showed us! Well now, you know you are just going to have to make the pattern for your Linen-to-Go bag, right?

  6. Co-ordinating travel gear, how great is that! I love your tall pouch, love all those pockets!

  7. I LOVE your dumpling pouch! I don't have anything that I travel with that coordinates (unless you count my kids!).

  8. Very cute bags, I really like the colors.

  9. Gorgeous travel set, Susie!! Now you are all set for a wonderful holiday. I always read a bit longer, I should make an eye mask for my husband :)


  10. Just gorgeous! I love the fabrics. Thanks for linking up to And Sew We Craft Together x

  11. This absolutely stunning from the outside, to the lining and that zipper!! WOW. I just love that it all fits inside that huge TOTE. You can never have too many of those! Well done!


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