Thursday, March 5, 2015

Day 4 of the Simply Striped Pillow Blog Hop

Day 4 of the Simply Striped Pillow Blog Hop !

            Simply Striped Pillow Blog Hop
                             March 5

Welcome to my first Blog Hop on Susie's Sunroom!

I invited six "super star" quilters to make a pillow  "any way you like" from  one pattern-   
     the Simply Striped Accent Pillow Pattern   { available on my Craftsy here}!

Today, the fourth day of the blog hop,  we'll see the pillow that creative artist, designer and longarm quilter  Sheri, of Sunshine In The Attic blog, has made!

Meet Sheri  @ Sunshine In the Attic blog

From Sheri:

Greetings!  Or should I say, "Top o' the mornin' to ya!"  

I'm so happy to be a guest in the Sunroom and have loved making my pillow for the SSPBH!  

When I heard the hop was to be in March, I knew that mine would have a St. Patrick's Day theme.  

I gathered these fabrics and made this paper pieced shamrock.  But somehow, somewhere, the black fabrics and the shamrock disappeared and remain lost, despite my best searching efforts!  Someday, I hope the mystery will be solved!

As the date for the hop approached, I had to start over.

I selected these alternative fabrics and once I got the shamrocks paper pieced,  it took only an hour to construct the pillow, using Susie's excellent pattern!

Then I grabbed the bin of St. Pat's decorations for the photo op. and look what I found!

This is the table topper I made last March with Susie and the Across the Pond Quilt Along group!  Check out the link for the free pattern and other ATP St. Pat's projects.

The free paper pieced shamrock pattern is by Jennifer at Sew Hooked.  I shrunk it down a bit and left off a lobe on two of them to add variety and save time.

 Susie's pattern is easy to follow, quick, and has a very professional flair to it!  The iron on interfacing and fleece add just the right amount of body to the pillow cover.

I'm so pleased with the envelope closure (my first).  It is quick and easy and has a nice finished look.

Thanks Susie for letting me be a guest and to all of you for visiting me here in the Sunroom!


I just love Sheri's  beautiful and delightful St. Patrick's Day pillow!!   This is a  gorgeous holiday keepsake to enjoy for  years to come!  I hope that naughty Leprechaun brings back her  shamrock blocks!!    Check out Sunshine In the Attic for a giveaway this week!

The schedule of bloggers, in case you have missed a day ~

The Schedule-    here at Susie's Sunroom  :      
March 2   Elaine    Summercrafter       

March 3   Susie  Susie's Sunroom      

March 4   Geta      Geta's Quilting Studio     

March 5   Sheri   Sunshine in the Attic         

March 6   Lara    BuzzinBumble          

March 7   Amanda    The Patchsmith   

March 8   Amy  Amy Made That!     

And don' t forget to go to the first day of the blog hop , and sign up there for
               ~  will remain  open until Friday, March 13 , 2015  12:00 pm  EST 
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Thank you for stopping by today!
Stop by tomorrow and see what Lara,  of BuzzinBumble blog, has made for the blog hop!

    1.  The Pattern                             2.  Summercrafter                               3. Susie's Sunroom

4. Geta's Quilting Studio   5. Sunshine In the Attic

I'm off to my sewing room!


  1. Top o' the mornin' to ya Sheri and what a top rate pillow you've made. I love the fabrics and the paper-pieced shamrocks - it is 'fierce' (Irish slang for brilliant). I also found the pillow really quick to stitch which is great - we can make one for every holiday!

  2. perfect for march. I have to tell you--I really like the black and green block.

  3. That's adorable Sheri! What a great idea to use tiny shamrocks in the stripe! I love your pillow and it looks so cute set up with all your Saint Patrick's Day decorating! "Top o' the mornin' to ya!" too! LOL

  4. Gorgeous pillow and table topper, too! It will be a lucky day when the other blocks turn must tell us when it happens and where they were. lol Then you'll have a pair of charming pillows for March! Well done, Sheri!

  5. So pretty! Your green choices worked out well, I love how the "stripe" pops with the shamrocks. And all your other St. Patricky projects. Good job, Sheri!

  6. Thank you all! I was putting away my Valentine decorations today when I pulled out some of the wrappings from the pink bin, what should I find but a packet of my original black and green fabrics and that little pieced shamrock! The luck o' the Irish is with me after all!

    1. Horray!!! You will be steps ahead on your next St. Patrick's day project now!


  7. So pretty!
    Thanks for sharing!

  8. Very cool set! Creative too! Looove it!


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