Sunday, March 1, 2015

March's Across The Pond Sew Along

Making A Jammies Pillow!
See our past projects here  and Flickr

Amanda, The Patchsmith, has chosen a pajama pillow or pouch , as March's project for our sew along group!  She has cleverly  created her own curvaceous pouch to keep her "pyjamas" so stylishly upon her bed.

The Patchsmith's very own nightdress case     

I think it looks like a  luscious little stuffed  scrappy quilt ! 

I looked around online for some  patterns and ideas.  Most of the patterns that I found were made for children.

Sew Delicious has a tutorial for this lined Pom Pom pajama pillow

Pajama Monster Pillow tutorial at Artisan In the Woods

I didn't ask my husband, but figured he would probably not prefer to see any variations of the above , sitting out on our bed every day!  (He's not a "pom-pom" kind of guy!)

So after I selected  the fabrics I wanted to use, the idea came to me to make a few adaptations to a pattern that I have been using.  My  very own   Simply Striped Accent Pillow   ....

The pattern-  Simply Striped Accent Pillow  - a 13 inch square pillow   pattern on Craftsy

Here is my variation of a simple Pajama Pillow...  made in Susie's Sunroom Style-

Stuffed with my pajamas...   an adapted Simply Striped Accent Pillow 

There's a muslin pillow form inside to give it shape when there are no pj's inside of the pillow

The adaptations to make it into a pajama pillow:

  • I Increased the pillow size to 16 inches x 16 inches ( the 16 inch square measurements are a free bonus included in  my pattern!)
  • Made a simple muslin pouch for holding some fiberfill inside (can adjust amount of fiberfill as desired)
  • Added velcro to the opening at the back  (envelope style back)

Velcro was added for closing the pillow 

I like the back side of  my pajama pillow, too!  The  accent band is made of scraps left from the front

I added a few simple lines of quilting at 2 1/2 inches apart

This pillow could be made into a cute child's pajama pillow-
  • Make the pillow in the 13 inch square size
  • Use children's fabric or coordinate with the room
If you make a pajama pillow, or a nightdress case, depending on which side of the pond you are from,  share your project with us on our Across The Pond Sew Along Flickr group

And make sure to stop by here at Susie's Sunroom every day this week, 
 staring tomorrow,   to see the different  pillows made by six super talented quilters .

 It's the Simply Striped Pillow Blog Hop!  You'll be inspired, and you will find some                                                                giveaways, too!  
These women are simply blowing me away with their creativity and style!

I'm off to my sewing room!


  1. Your PJ Pillow is such a clever idea Susie and so pretty. Also I didn't see the Sew Delicious PJ case when I was looking so thank you for sharing - I think I might have made that one had I seen it. But hey, I'm pretty happy with the outcome.

    1. I really think yours is so unique and so functional!

  2. Both of these are so stylish and pretty for the bedroom!

  3. Very clever Susie to convert your Simply Striped Pillow for a pajamas case! Great way to start off your blog hop! Love Amanda's too, and the pom pom and little monsters...what a lot of fun ideas!


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