Saturday, December 8, 2012

Trio of Trees Placemat

My  Across The Pond Sew Along December Project !

I have been busy these past few weeks, preparing for our Christmas  concert at my church. And decorating our house for Christmas.   But, I did manage to squeeze  sewing into my precious spare moments ... to get started on my December Across The Pond Sew Along project.

December's pattern is designed  by Amanda, of The Patchsmith.  This is her December ATPSA  placemat:      
Amanda's Trio of Trees paper pieced placemat
She also made a pattern for the Three Trees Placemat and Napkin , using Applique!  

I dug around in my fabric stash, and  got out a pile of Christmas fabric that I had been saving for some " special"  project.
After I finished putting  my placemat together, I realized that I had picked  country primitive colors .   I used to paint with acrylic paints, and really loved to make winter scenes, in dark reds and blacks and hunter greens.  

I painted this about 15 years ago
I think this was on my mind, subconsciously, when I picked out the fabrics for my Trio of Trees paper pieced placemat.  

This is my placemat:
Susie's ~  Trio of Trees paper pieced placemat and napkin
I used a homespun red and green gingham check  for the main placemat fabric, which has  a linen-like feel to it.  And I fussy cut the cat and the cardinal, from a cute fabric, where we  see them through red window panes.  (I know I will use this fabric for more projects!)
Fussy cut squares of the cat and cardinal
I put snow caps on my 3 little trees
I machine "blanket stitched" my tree on my napkin
My winter house on the hill picture and my Trio of  Trees  placemat

I am going to make my second placemat, on Monday, after the concert. I want to look at them where my husband and I sit to eat, at our peninsula counter.  (Maybe then I will keep it cleared of my piles of fabrics and patterns "to be worked on."   LOL  )

I am going to put my pictures of my placemat in our Across The Pond Sew Along Flickr Group.  (  Take a look over there and see what we are making!  Join in with us!!

 And don't forget to check back here on my blog, on Monday, Dec. 10, for details about my giveaway in the Quilting Gallery Blog Hop Party and Give Away !

So, even in the midst of the hustle and bustle of this holiday season, I hope you find time to sit down and relax  a minute , with a mug of coffee or tea, and think about something or someone that you love .

I'm off to my sewing room!

PS  I am linkyed to Deck the Halls!


  1. Oh Susie - this is lovely. I commented on your Flickr but I didn't see the cat - he is super cute too. I had already recognised the snow on the top of the trees - nice touch. And I love the primitive colours - the country look. You've done me proud (English speak for 'you've made my pattern look so good'). xxxx

  2. This is gorgeous! It reminds me of a warm country Christmas. I love it!!


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