Saturday, December 22, 2012

Busy Week

Amid the  Holiday Hustle and Bustle

It's almost Christmas, and I am so glad that I was able to get most of my gifts purchased and created earlier in the month.
My mother became ill suddenly, and I was not able to spend time at my sewing machine or blogging this past week.  She is much better now... and that is such a blessing!!

I did want to share some pictures of some of the things that I have made for the holiday season.

 My friend, Maxine, invited me to sell items at at her table,  at a hand- crafted bazaar on the first weekend of December.
Some of my Purses and pouches and casserole carriers on the table

Maxine's husband made tall hat stands to hang her aprons and totes on,  (left side ) and the right side has my totes and purses.

My zippered pouches and small wallet sets, golf fabric totes and purses, and casserole carriers

See Maxine's super-sized Bow Tucks tote purse, and my Stella Pleated Bag and Rosie Patchwork Bag.  I made wine glass coasters, too

I had a LOT of key fobs to sell!!

Who is that peeking (hiding) behind my purses and totes?!
 It's Maxine.... trying to hide behind the purses.    I got her to come out so you can meet her properly!

Meet Maxine !  We met at a JoAnn fabric store, at the thread department!

Maxine made these beautiful holiday table runners!!  The far right  runner is a Bear Claws pattern.  T
This is a close-up of the Bear Claw pattern

We had a fun day at the craft bazaar, even though we didn't sell very much.  

Now, on to gifts....
One of the most fun items that I made this season, was a paper pieced handbell block!  I have been in a handbell choir for many, many years in various churches.  I finally found a beautiful paper pieced pattern to make for our bell choir director!   (


My handbell mini quilt for our director, Patti

I machine embroidered our choir name and year,   and the Presbyterian Church symbol.
It is a mug rug size, but I added a small hanging loop on the back so she can hang it up near her piano.

Off to go shopping with my husband. He  asked me what I wanted for Christmas, and I just happened  to have (stuffed in my purse, ready to use !!)  a coupon for a discount on Viking accessories.  I would LOVE a specialty foot for my Viking Topaz!  And some fabric , that is  even on sale, at!   He's happy that he doesn't have to come up with an idea of a gift that I want, and you KNOW I am happy Delighted!!

Wishing you and your family a season of delight and blessings!

I'm off to my sewing room!


  1. Your stall looks great! glad to hear your mum's a bit better now xx

  2. So glad to hear your mum's on the mend!

    Looks like you had a lot of fun at the stall - hope it was very successful!

    The handbell mug rug looks great!

  3. You are so clever - the paper pieced bell is the perfect gift. And hello Maxine - what a lot of goodies you both had for sale - lucky people of America - I particularly like Maxine's chevron runner - isn't that gorgeous.
    Am glad Mom's feeling better and all is back on track. What a relief for you all and just in time for Christmas. Perfect.

  4. Such a pleasure to finally see the mysterious Maxine...hello, friend!!! Lots of great stuff there, ladies!


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