Thursday, September 27, 2012

Li'l Punkin

A mini pumpkin mug rug for my mother

I made a cute little mug rug this week.  (No surprise here!)
My mother is here for a visit this week. I always like to show her what I have been working on, and explain who people are that I have been telling her about on the phone.  We were looking  at patterns made by Amanda,  of  The Patchsmith . (use link to go to her Craftsy site for her patterns! ) My mother  saw the mug rug pattern   with two little pumpkins on it  and loved it for the fall .   She asked me to make her a smaller size mug rug with just one pumpkin on it.
Original Mug Rug by Amanda,  The Patchsmith

I had a lot of fall fabrics in my stash and pulled them out to figure out the ones I wanted to use for Mom.  I decided to use the left (bigger ) pumpkin, and add a row of 1 1/2 inch squares (before sewing), to the right of the pumpkin.

 I guess I got distracted a bit LOT,  and I  actually thought I was finished at this stage, after finishing the binding.
My pumpkin before quilting and embroidery

I soon  realized that it needed some embellishment to turn it into a cute li'l old punkin!
After  machine quilting the grooves in the pumpkin body and some vines off of the stem , and hand stitching  some veins onto the leaf, it was done.
Quilted and stitched small mug rug
Small mug rug

Mom's mug rug is ready to go home with her!  She is happy and ready to enjoy Halloween and Thanksgiving with her daily mug of tea!

Before I close, I wanted to shout out to one of my special  blog readers... my Uncle Monty!  He builds beautiful model railroad towns, creating his own landscapes and scenery! And now,  he is one of my enablers!
Susie and Uncle Monty     love you xo

I'm off to my sewing room!


  1. There am I - working away on my next pattern and what do I spy - a wonderful little 'coaster' made by a crafty American girl. Now you've done it - I've downed tools on my Santa quiltie and am picking fabrics for a pumpkin coaster. Hope you wont mind me stealing your clever idea to make it cup-size.

  2. Love your little mug rug! I'm sure your Mom will think of you every day when she is using it.

  3. Hi Uncle Monty!! I bought the pumpkin pattern a few days ago. I like your variation. So cute!! Thanks to you and your sister for leading me to The Patchsmith!

  4. You made a beautiful choice in fabrics again. Very cute. I hope I can meet your Mom this week and see all that you have been working on. I have finished my tote and I am very pleased with it. I wish I could do just half that you get done.


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