Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Up ,Up and Away!

Keeping Busy in March

I have been "sew"  busy and  happy this month , sewing away on my machines... making projects for some sweet little children.

Want to see what I have made?

The Bon Voyage Bag            pattern by Geta Grama at 
                                                                         Geta's Quilting Studio (here)

I was so excited when I found this fabric with the sky and clouds, and hot air balloons," In Motion"   from Elizabeth's Studio.  The little boy I am mking this for loves balloons and anything that flies in the sky!  And I could use bright primary colors for accents. ( I found it at the fabulous Over The Rainbow fabric store.  They have a wonderful selection of fabrics!)

The bag - Bon Voyage  18 " wide at top  with a zipper closure
                                  21-22 "  wide at bottom  
                                  15" tall without straps
                                  5 " deep
Bon Voyage Bag  {here}  pattern by Geta Grama    
             Did you notice that  big outer zippered pocket , in the above photo?

Inside the bag...  There are 4  big pockets!   
              This bag can hold a lot..... you can see what I was able to place in this bag in my past blog post HERE.     

The quilting-  some vertical wavy lines
This bag is fun to make, and has clear and detailed directions.  Geta is such a talented designer!

The Paris Traveler's Bag     pattern by Fig Tree & Co. (Joanna Figueroa)
                                                                              at Fig Tree Quilts  (here)

The bag-   approx. 23" x 15" x 9 "  

How fun this bag turned out, with the bright colors and multi-colored balloons!

The handles are long, and totally adjustable for length

This Paris Traveler's Bag also has a 24 " zipper closure across the top.  Perfect for "stuffing" your travel items!  And two big outside pockets (between the handles )

I just love  bright yellow zippers, don't you?

Apparently, these little bunnies think they are going along for the trip, too!

I know that my sister, Amy, from Amy Made That! , will recognize these adorable bunnies.
She made them for my kids years ago!!!  They are still precious to me!!

The bags are ready for fun trips this summer... to Grandma and Grandpa's house and maybe the beach!!

"No, you two are staying here with me!"

Book Nook Pillow Set     - pillow  patterns by Heidi Staples  at Fabric Mutt
                                       in her  Sew Organized for the Busy Girl book   
     - bunny,  a free pattern template by Sewing Mama RaeAnna  here

I put together some favorite items , for a gift for  Eden.  Eden is the beautiful granddaughter of my friend, Lara, at BuzzinBumble Blog

I found this adorable "Guess How Much I Love You" fabric, by Sam McBratney and Anita Jeram  for  Clothworks, at Connecting Threads. (here)       I added some dotted blue flannel to my order, with thoughts of making a little stuffed bunny .  

First, I made the large Book Nook Pillow ,  directly from the book.    This is a 26" x 26" pillow.  (Notice  below,  that the pillow is as tall as my little nightstand dresser!  26" is truly taller  "in person" than it looks on paper!! LOL )  This pillow is so fun to make!!  And, there are sooo many fun projects to make from Heidi's book!  It is a real gem.

My full size Book Nook pillow, with the coordinating book to go inside the pocket

Who knew that this larger pillow is addictive to make, too?

Before I knew it, I  downsized the Book Nook pillow....to fit a 12" x 16" pillow.  

Apparently, this adorable pillow design multiplies like bunnies!!

For those with "sharp eyes" .... yes that is is Deluxe Pincushion in the set above.  
I just had to make a little pincushion, for Lara ,with some of the scraps.  It weighs in 
at 5.5 " x 6.5 ".  

So, I am keeping the huge pillow for our "family" down the road...

and I sent these bunny goodies to " little cupcake"  Eden....

For Eden ... and Lolli

See the back side in the photos below?  I added a covered zipper (like Amy Made That! taught me) on the back of the pillow....

***  By the way, Lara has her first book coming out on April 19 .... Crafted Applique'... New Possibilities  ( available here). I can't wait to learn some new techniques from her.
You 'll want to check out her blog if you aren't a follower yet.  BuzzinBumble   ***

Stay tuned to see what else I have been making!
I'm off to my sewing room!

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  1. WOW! I just love all these bunnies. What a way to read, with a pillow and a best friend.

  2. Everything you make is SO adorable. 💟💟💟

  3. I love all of these bags and bunnies. Who knew all those years ago that those bunnies I made would be on the Internet?!?! 🐇💛🐇

  4. You are just the best Susie! We all Love Eden's little Book Nook Pillow and the "Guess How Much I Love You" book and bunny and my matching pincushion. What a sweet surprise it was -Thank you so much! And thank you for mentioning my book coming out too!
    I love the Up Up and Away bags you created! Great fabric choices and as always your construction and sewing are terrific!
    Amy's bunnies are now Internet stars! LOL :)

  5. You really are the best, Susie!! So nice of you to create those lovelies for the little kiddos. They will treasure them forever! The bunnies that Amy made are wonderful. The two of you are quite amazing :)



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