Thursday, March 31, 2016

Cute Pets Designs

The Cat's Whiskers

It had been awhile since I made a pillow for myself... so when Janeen, of Quilt Art Designs, asked me to sew up her cute cat block for the issue 9  of  "Paper Piecing 1/4" " digital magazine, I immediately knew I would make this block into a pillow.

Pattern-   The Cat's Whiskers     design by Janeen @ Quilt Art Designs

Size:    14 inch finished   paper pieced foundation

This is the design... with the pieces of the block before they were sewn together. I did make some changes in the colors , to look more like my Whiskers.

The Cat's Whiskers pattern.....  a paper pieced design 
in issue 9  Paper Piecing 1/4" digital magazine  {here}

Here are the  fabrics used :    Blueberry Park  by Karen Lewis / Robert Kaufman (black with the doodles)   This is a new favorite!!!!
                                            Quilters Linen  Charcoal  /Robert Kaufman
                                            P & B Textiles -  for inside ears
                                            Stash fabric-  white and blue for background
The Cat's Whiskers      made by Susie's Sunroom

Here is my model:     Whiskers

Whiskers and her look alike pillow

I love the details on the face of this sweet cat pattern ...  of course I had to include embroidered whiskers.   Our Whiskers looks at Daddy like this when she wants him to give her some treats!

"Pleeeeeeaaaase, Daddy.... can I have some treats?"

Our little kitty may be small, but she is full of energy and  is very playful.  So I made the back of the pillow to match her personality....

I really love how my Cat's Whiskers pillow turned out.  
I think a pet pillow is a fun gift idea  .... check out the other pet patterns in this issue 9-

(7) Name: 'Quilting : Paper Piecing 1/4' Digi Mag Issue 9
Click here to go to

Stop by soon to see the other pet pattern that I made!  

I'm off to my sewing room!

Pattern provided by QAD Publishing

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  1. I'm loving both Whiskers and the Cat's Whiskers. You've made such great fabric choices and the cushion is such a surprise pop of colour and you've pulled it all together using the same green to hide your zipper as you've used on the front for the eye. Thanks so much for linking up at Sew Cute Tuesday today - Chris (guest host) @madebyChrissieD :D

  2. Wow! You picked brilliant fabrics and the embroidered whiskers look so real!

  3. Awwww your cat pattern is beautiful. It looks absolutely amazing!

  4. What a fun pattern, you have captured that look to a tee :)

  5. This pillow is so darrllinngg!

  6. Wow Wee Susie, you do such wonderful paper piecing! This one seriously looks like Janeen designed it with you in mind. You really made it look like your Whiskers! (That sounds kind of funny :) I love that you put the playful fabric on the back of the pillow to reflect her purrsonality! I bet you just love your new pillow!

    1. I couldn't resist and bought Janeen's pet patterns too!

  7. I'm a cat person and love both of yours. Now have you got a house hanging out somewhere? I love houses too.

  8. Wonderful way to bring Whiskers to your sewing world, where she's always trying to join you! That pillow turned out so cute! I think she needs a Goldfish pillow now. That's another adorable design.

    1. Hey, the Goldfish pillow is an awesome idea!!

  9. Love them both! You pillow and the inspiration-kitty Whiskers :)


  10. Congratulations to you both on being the cover girl for that issue! I clicked on the link and was tickled to see Whiskers on the cover! I have been looking all over for a parakeet quilt block pattern and might just have to spring for this issue. Well done!

  11. Wow! How cute that the pillow looks so much like your sweet kitty! That's so neat that she has white whiskers.... Hence the name? Love the backing too!


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