Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Feather Fun!

Feather Fun!

What do you get when you mix a new Feather Pattern with some
                   favorite Fig Tree and Company fabric scraps?           
                                                 Scrappy Fun!

Feather design  by Kristy at Quiet Play blog  (patterns HERE)

I was one of the testers for this brand new pattern by Kristy!  She will have it available for sale in her pattern shop Nov. 1 !

Ok,  for the perfectionists everyone  reading my blog right now....  

Yes, I did notice  that the background polka dots fabrics are actually 2  different fabric lines.   (Actually I noticed AFTER the block was finished. )

I did say that I was using my treasured bag of scraps of Fig Tree Fabrics, right?
So... it is  a Scrap Happy Block!!   

Scrappy Feather Block   

Doesn't it look cute with my Geometric Cat block  { also a design by Kristy at Quiet Play)

Geometric Cat and  Feather patterns  by Quiet Play

Oh!  I just got an idea.....I think I'll make a mini quilt.... using Quiet Play design favorites and my Fig Tree Fabric scraps!!


Remember to stop by here  on Thursday, to see what I made for the Dog Gone Cute Blog Hop!

Sneak Peek Look:

Susie's Sunroom :  Another pup !

                                   The Dog Gone Cute Blog Hop at Sew Fresh Quilts-                 
                                                        Sew Fresh Quilts

Hope to see you on Thursday!!

I'm off to my sewing room!



  1. What fun blocks Susie. That feather does look fun and I do like the scrappy look. :D That cat however is amazing! Looking great. I have been seeing that puppy pattern everywhere. Soo cute.

  2. Hi Susie. Your scrappy feather and cat are looking good! I wonder what finished projects they will someday be part of. Looking forward to your dog gone cute poat!

  3. They look great together, Susie! I am also wondering what wonderful finishes you will be making with these blocks :)



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