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Trunk Show

Trunk Full of Quilts Online

Share your Trunk Treasures at Whims and Fancies !
Would you  like to see favorite projects that other quilters want to "pull out of their trunk" and share ? 
If so, then hop on over to Soma's blog,  Whims and Fancies  (Nov 10-18 ) and see what everyone is pulling out to share !!  I just know it will be inspiring and creative and fun!  
And, if you are blogger, you can write up your own post  ( details here  ) and pull out a few things from your own trunk!  Soma has even arranged for sponsors for the blog hop, who are donating some awesome  prizes for participation.

So here is what I pulled out of my Susie's Sunroom trunk!!
(I started out making bags and totes,  and they aren't "stored"  in my trunk.)

I found this on the very  bottom of my trunk.  It's from "way back" in 2009  :  (My roots aren't very deep yet! LOL)

My first official quilt that I made:  The Scruffily Quilt   A Moda Bakeshop Pattern  {here}

My first quilt.... The Scruffily       Susie's Sunroom  

This quick and easy pattern used a Layer Cake, a Jelly Roll and a Charm Pack of fabrics.  I chose Moda's Glace (by 3 Sisters)  fabric, and still LOVE these fabrics.  The smaller squares on top of the 10 inch blocks were just sewed on top, leaving raw edges.  Hence the name "scruffily." 

Uhhmmm... Don't look too closely at where the blocks join up.... (remember it was my first quilt!  I hadn't figured out how to line up  and pin the blocks as you sew them together, yet!)

Oops!   I did get the scruffily part right!!

Well, anyway,  I was happy to see that I made a  quilt label for the back!

Yay for a quilt label!

I still have scraps left from this  quilt.  {Happy Dance !}  Now I can make a pillow to go with my quilt , pull the  quilt out at Thanksgiving time , and USE it this year!  Despite this quilt's imperfections and simplicity, it is still very dear to my heart.

What's next in my trunk?

The Scottie Dog Mug Rug-      2012                  pattern by The Patchsmith

Scottie Dog Mug Rug     Christmastime version by Susie's Sunroom

I fell in love with making small, fun  and heartfelt patterns, using Amanda, The Patchsmith's patterns!!  The Patchwork patterns actually taught me how to use fusible applique technique and create patchwork ! 

I gave this mug rug to my mother.  She pulls it out every Christmas season now.  It is still one of my favorite designs!!  I have since made MANY mug rugs with The Patchsmith patterns!!

Excuse me while I lift my cat out of the trunk.... she 's snoring away on top of  my pile of quilts!

So what is on the top of the trunk?    This  Farm Girl Vintage Sampler Quilt.   I finished it up last week.  You can read about it {here}.   
          Design from book " Farm Girl Vintage"   by Lori Holt

Farm Girl Vintage Sampler Quilt  

 The 48 blocks on the front were sewn with the fun Farm Girl Vintage Sew Along.  What fun I had making the blocks and seeing everyone else's blocks!  

Note:  I  guess I have come a long way from sewing 10 inch squares together.... to making 106 Flying Geese in a border!

I wanted to use more patterns from the book , for  on the back of my quilt.   I made four barns with four animals in the barns.    I also got brave enough to free motion quilt the outer border, to add some texture and crinkles!  (I just noticed  the "scruff" and "crinkle" affinities that I have !)

The back of my Farm Girl Vintage Sampler Quilt  Susie's Sunroom

I used another  adorable  The Patchsmith pattern for this Daisy cow in the barn!  I also used this pink gingham material for the back and binding... it was in my stash since about 2010!  And of course, I made a little label for the quilt.

I invite you to go over to Whims and Fancies blog to see what is in other quilter's trunks!

Look over Soma's blog posts and her pattern shop while you are there! She is so talented and interesting!  I think I  first learned about  Soma by  seeing her  amazing paper pieced patterns.  She was in the line-up of  designers in the  Garden Party  blog hop  , back in 2012.  Before long I was hooked on her blog, and in admiration of all of her  widely varied talents and  interests in the arts and sciences.  It didn't take me long to realize that Soma creates from her heart! 
I made this mini wallhanging, "fREADom"  , designed by Soma in July 2015: { blog here }

fREADom  Bookshelf   Mini      Susie's Sunroom version

See you over at Whims and Fancies!!  And , Thanks for stopping by here!!

I'm off to my sewing room!

PS   Voting  is open from now until Nov 17 ,  at Sew Fresh Quilts,  for your  Dog Gone Cute  post favorites...

My "The Naughty Little Puppy baby quilt " version... 
{ go here }  to read the post
Click here to vote for your  3 favorite  posts, at Sew Fresh Quilts
    I'd sure appreciate any votes cast my way!!


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  1. So many great projects :) Love your Farm Girl Vintage quilt!

  2. Your farm girl vintage is a wonderful quilt!

  3. You really have come along way Susie, from the sweet first quilt to your Amazing FGV and Naughty Puppy quilts! It has been a lot of fun watching part of your journey too!

  4. So fun Susie! I especially love the Farm Girl Vintage!

  5. I love your Farm Girl Vintage. Beautiful collection of work!

  6. You girls make me blush, my dear, dear friends. Thank you! It's great to see your first quilt!! The Farm Girl Vintage is such an accomplishment. You really have come a long way! Thanks so much for sharing, Susie!

    -Soma xx

  7. Farm Girl is wonderful! Such a nice group of quilts, thanks!

  8. Isn't it wonderful that we stitch so many memories into our quilts. Farmhouse Girl is stunning.

  9. Your quilt is beautiful. I know what you have been doing lately!!!!

    1. Also, I purchased the Christmas Mug Rug Patterns from The Patchsmith.

  10. Lovely parade of quilts and thank you for sharing your trunk show.

  11. Lovely trunk show! Your farm girl vintage quilt is spectacular - love it!

  12. I love seeing your first quilt right along with your wonderful recent beauties and cuties(that just came out like that, lol!) And I notice you have a pretty sweet flock o chicks yourself!!! Thanks for opening up the trunk for us!!!!

  13. Thanks for sharing your quilts. Freadom is particularly relevant today. Isn't it wonderful that we have the freedom to read what we want.

  14. We all start somewhere, and I think you did a great job on your first quilt!! Love the farm girl quilt, and I've got that one in the back of my mind to make (one day). And your "naughty dog" gave me a laugh ... cute idea!

  15. Nice job. I like Freadom a lot! Leeanna at not afraid of color

  16. How lovely to see your first quilt, it is charming. Then my eyes fell upon your Farm Girl Vintage Sampler, it is awash with gorgeousness. I could look at all that lovely intricate loveliness for hours. It has been a delight to have a peek in your trunk filled with your clever stitching!

  17. Love your quilts, especially the scruffy one and the freadom one. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Love your Farm Girl Vintage Sampler - it is so fresh and pretty. Thanks for the trunk show!

  19. Hopping the Trunk Show... I love your barn quilt! I have several patterns and a barn quilt is on my "to do " list.


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