Friday, August 21, 2015

Spinning in the Rain Quilt

A Spinning in the Rain Quilt Finish

This summer, I made a resolution to  sew together the finished blocks for a few of my  quilts, and not leave these pretty blocks just  sitting around  in a sad pile. 

The first thing I did was to enlist  the help of my trusty  " Head Quilty Helper" , Whiskers!
(She might have some  engagements  booked .... such as   napping or  quality testing the quiltiness of a quilt.)

Whiskers loves Aurifil Thread!!  Especially the 50 weight!

Zzzzzzzz    "Pins??  Where?? "   Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Sometimes, she even sleeps on her OWN little mini quilt!

Since she is such a willing helper, she gets first choice on which quilting tools she gets to use......

"I want this one, Mom.  It's just my size."

Well, Whiskers, go ahead and give everyone the quilt information:

Quilt :     Spinning in the Rain      
Design by:  Sew Lux Fabric Shop        2014 Spinning in the Rain BoM  { here }
Size:    approx  60 "  x 74 "
Block size:   12 " finished   * Patterns also included the 6"  block patterns,  too! *
Fabrics used:   Color Me Happy   by V and Co.  Moda
Thread:  Aurifil 50 wt.   white
Machine Quilting stich:  Lazy S on my Viking Topaz,  largest stitch size

"Of course I am allowed to be standing on this hanging quilt!"

Trimming up the sides , before adding the binding

"I love my job! "

"I'm getting a bit sleepy now.  Can you take over now, Mom?"

Spinning in the Rain BoM Quilt      by Susie's Sunroom and Whiskers

I loved using this stretched out "S" stitch , on my sewing machine, with the walking foot.

"Lazy S" quilting, with Aurifil Thread  

I am not a "heavy" quilter....  but I am trying new things.
Thanks for the quilting advice of  adding  a "  9 inch square within a square"  in the center of every block, Amy!  ( My sister, who blogs at Amy Made That!"  )  Aren't I lucky?!

This is the back side of my quilt.
Did you see in the quilt stats,  that the smaller 6 inch block pattern was included in the instructions?
I decided to pick out a favorite pinwheel, and make a row of 6 inch pinwheels, to insert in between the two larger pieces of fabric for the backing.

The back side of my Spinning in the Rain BoM Quilt   by Susie's Sunroom

This is one of my favorites color combinations....gray and turquoise !

Last March,  I made a coordinating pillow  (using my Simply Striped Pillow tutorial pattern  that is  available on Craftsy { here })   ( see my blog post here )

Quilt and matching  Simply Striped Pillow     made by Susie's Sunroom

I really love the green floral fabric on the border!!

"Hint,  Hint,  Hint........"

I guess Whiskers is ready for her cat nap now....

"Put me in the CATS ON QUILTS  category, Jacque !" 

Whiskers wanted me to tell you that she has had so much fun being in the
Pets on Quilt 2015  Linky Party ,   at Lily Pad Quilting

Go To  

She is definitely in the  Cat On Quilts category! !

     You will want to go on over to "Lily Pad Quilting" to see the participants in this cute cute cute Linky Party!!               You can go to the Linky Party  HERE

Thanks for stopping by to see my latest quilt finish!

I'm off to my sewing room!

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  1. Moe (my tuxedo kitty) thinks Whiskers is just Meow-velous!!

  2. Whiskers makes such an adorable quilt model Susie! You captured some really great photos. I love your sense of humor. Love everything about Spinning in the Rain too! Great fabrics, pattern and sewing - even the back is beautiful!

  3. All the quilts showcased in this post are fabulous, Susie! It looks like Whiskers is on the ball and doing her job keeping you on task.

  4. What a great model you are Whiskers! And your Mama makes some great quilts under your direction!

  5. Great post and beautiful quilt and what a great idea for Whiskers to have his own quilted mat (although I know they want to be on the most important current project!!!

  6. Wow Whiskers, you are one involved kitty! Susie, I LOVE the pinwheels you used on the back, they are amazing! So glad you shared!

  7. I am so glad you decided to turn those pretty blocks into this beautiful quilt. I am not a very heavy quilter either, so I think the quilting is just perfect. Whiskers, however, stole the show! You are killing me with her photos. Be happy that we don't live close by, you would have had a permanent visitor to deal with :)


  8. Your quilt is super, love the fabrics u used. The cat photos did make me chuckle!

  9. Oh what delightful photos! I absolutely love the back of this gorgeous quilt - those pinwheels are adorable. And that coordinating pillow! Just divine.

  10. Hi Whiskers! You are the cutest quilter and wrote wonderful post with beautiful quilt photos! You make gorgeus quilts! Wishes from Nelli!

  11. Blues and greens . . . my fav!

  12. Beautiful Whiskers on a beautiful quilt, those colors are perfect for her and I think she knows it, what a beauty!

  13. What a fantastic and cute worker, I do not think your could get this quilt done with out her help, LOL! Your fabric and colors are wonderful.

  14. Whiskers looks like a big helper! I think it is fun that she likes to have her own tools, too. :)

  15. Whiskers is very cute. Your quilt is lovely. Lucky you've got such a good helper, Susie.

  16. I have to say Whiskers has great choice in thread. What a helpful and cute companion.

  17. Lovely quilt. I like how your post goes through the entire process. Whiskers looks like he may need a dish of coffee in the sewing room.

  18. Mr. Whiskers seems like a great helper. Beautiful quilt.

  19. Whiskers is a beauty and a perfect model on your gorgeous quilt!!

  20. I just love your spinning in he rain quilt. Very pretty back too. Gray and turquoise is vey pretty together.

  21. Great post! Whiskers is a wonderful quilt helper. Your quilt and pillow are beautiful.

  22. Not hard to see why he is called Whiskers......some beauties. Unfortunately I have voted but I just love you blog so I am going to follow.....hopefully I will see more of Whiskers!


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