Saturday, April 4, 2015

Easter Greetings

Easter Greetings and Fun Sewing-

Two fun little projects to share with you:

Easter Mug Rug  pattern  by The Patchsmith 

I made this sweet  little Easter Egg and Bunny mug rug for my mother.  With The Patchsmith's pattern and  superb directions, it took me less than 2 hours to make up this little holiday gift!  My mom just loved getting the little surprise in the mail.  Next year, I would like the make the Easter Cross Mug Rug

Next,  while I was all in the " Bunny Making Mode" .... and I made up these:

Basket full of Bunnies

Bunny Softy Pattern-          by Melanie  at The Crafty Cupboard  (free pattern!)

Size:      6 " tall   (after reducing the pattern to 75% of original size)

I ended up making 11 little bunnies, to give as little Easter presents, at my Aunt's house.  There will be 5 other ladies there, of all ages. I wanted to have bunnies in  a variety of fabrics, hoping that there will be a bunny that every person will like.  I made two scrappy bunnies ( for me if no one picks them!)

Can you figure out my "bunny boo-boo " ?

Yep..."some bunny" didn't put both fabrics right sides together
 before stitching them up !
He's still cute....  He's just playing it "low volume" on the back side!

I'm off to my sewing room!



  1. That little basket of bunnies is soooo cute! Happy Easter!

  2. Happy Easter to you too Susie. I love the mug rug and your bunnies are so cute.

  3. "Hoppy Easter" when it's a basket full of bunnies! Such an adorable and sweet thing to do Susie! Your aunt and cousins must have loved them.
    I love Amanda's mug rug patterns and the Easter Bunny mug rug you made for your Mom is so cute!

  4. Dear Susie, your bunnies are so cute! Hope you passed a lovely Easter and are enjoying the holiday break.

  5. So adorable! Mom loves her mug rug with the chocolate egg. All the bunnies are sweet but I love the brown Aviary one most.

  6. Oh my goodness your bunny softens seem to be multiplying like.....rabbits :) they are so cute and I love the sweet fabric you used to make them!!!

  7. Beautiful rug, love the yellow bow! The basketful of bunnies....soooo cute :)



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