Thursday, June 5, 2014

Participating in a Mug Rug Swap

I was in Quilting Gallery's Springtime Flowers Mug Rug Swap

This past month, I had so much fun being in a mug rug swap, called Springtime Flowers!
Michele, at Quilting Gallery, organized the swap and  coordinated the partners,  and Amanda, The Patchsmith designed the two mug rug patterns that we made for our partners!

I was lucky enough to be matched  to one partner,  Judee, and then I made friends  with Debbie, on the Quilting Gallery Swaps  facebook page.  Debbie and I decided to have a little swap between ourselves, too!   How lucky am I !!

Here is the two mug  rug set that  Amanda, The Patchsmith, designed for the swap:

Springtime Flowers mug rugs      made and designed by The Patchsmith

Aren't they cute and happy??!!  If you love these,  you can see ALL of The Patchsmith's patterns here! (They are so affordable and fun!)  There is bound to be one for any occasion that you could want!!

So, here are the mug rugs that I made for Judee:

My mug rugs for Judee

I loved using some green  batik strips for the growing flowers' leaves,  and some measuring tape fabric for the flowers in the pot!  I added buttons for the center of those flowers.

I also made a little matching basket
Amanda's patterns are so adaptable... I put the applique' butterflies on one side of a mini basket.  And on the other side....

... some  flowers!

I put together a little bundle of goodies, and sent it off to Judee.

Judee's bundle

Now to show you the two Springtime Flowers mug rugs that I made for Debbie~

I added some 3-D yoyos for the center of the flowers in the basket.  And made the butterfly with the measuring tape fabric in the second mug rug.

...the  measuring tape fabric butterfly and some  bright colors!!

See the little  yoyos for the centers....

I made a key fob and a mini boxy pouch for Debbie, in some sewing fabric

It's just big enough for a chapstick and some money... with the lobster clasp

Here's the bunch of goodies that I sent off to Debbie....

And then, the mailman delivered  a package with these delightful handmade treasures, made by Debbie ....

Thank you so much, Debbie, for your mug rugs, the gorgeous bracelet and beautiful scarf!   
And yes, in case you were wondering,  Debbie made these mug rugs a little oversized!  I love this Benartex fabric and her  applique' variations !

This swap made my Spring season  simply delightful!

I'm off to my sewing room!


  1. What lovely bundles you sent and those mug rugs you received are lovely. Aren't mug rug swaps good fun?

  2. You sure do put together fun swap packages!!! The added detail of the buttons and yoyo's add dimension and bring the mug rugs to life!! The package you received is fun; I love the bright happy colors!!!

  3. These are so cute, Susie! I love the colours and the butterflies are adorable :)


  4. Your tulips are so beautiful! I absolutely love the ones with the pin fabric! Wish I had been your swap partner!

  5. I don't know what to comment first. These are all so very cute! Well done!


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