Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Bookbag Backpack and a Giveaway!

It's a cute Bookbag and a Backpack... in one

I am as happy " as a clam" when I am testing out a new pattern.  
Sew couldn't be happier right now, because I just got to try out a new backpack pattern designed  by Samantha at At Home with Mrs H !  

Samantha's new pattern.... The Bookbag Backpack
For the first time , when I was picking out what fabric to make the backpack ,I decided to use a home decorator weight fabric. I wanted a fabric with extra durability.   I chose all of my fabrics from Terry's Fabrics .  Terry's Fabrics carries gorgeous  curtain fabrics.  ( I think this is what we call home decor weight, here in the US.  ) The prints are big and so pretty.

Fabrics:  I chose Sayuri , in moleskin color , for my main fabric.  
Sayuri   in moleskin color
Then I picked this brown poly/cotton blend fabric for the handles and straps.
Kensington  fabric    in mushroom color 

I wanted the lining to pop out with color, and luckily, they had just right color of yellow... lemon!

Panama cotton  Lemon
Zipper:  Coats Sport zipper  30 in   (I got mine at JoAnn Fabrics)
            2-  10 inch nylon zippers (from Zip It )
2 Tri-glide buckle ,4  square rings, 2 swivel hooks from JoAnn Fabrics

Intefacing:  Pellon SF 101   and Pellon FF987

I decided to split my tasks into several days, since this is a bag with many pieces to cut out and sew. 

  • Day One, I read through the whole pattern and was so thankful that  Samantha's  pattern has excellent directions and pictures to show all of the steps in making this backpack.  I then cut my pieces from the fabrics, and labeled them.
  • Day Two, I cut all of the interfacings out.  Since the outer fabric was home decorator weight, I used the SF 101 interfacing on the backs of those pieces.   I used the FF987 fleece for the lining.  And the straps were made from a poly/cotton blend, and after making a small test strap, I decided it did not need interfacing. Then, I sewed all of my straps and handles and hooked up the hardware to them.  I used a brown thread that blended with my brown fabric.
  • Day Three, I sewed my bag together.  
( I left out , Day Two Evening.... I carried  my finished  straps ,with the cute  hardware attached, around all evening and then  to bed , to admire )

The backpack finished size is :  12 inches wide x 14 inches high x 3 inches deep
This bag can hold a lot!
The Bookbag Backpack     by Susie's Sunroom

I love the yellow pop, from the lining of the outer pocket.
It has strap for over the shoulder, too!

The back side  , with the backpack straps
Inside, it has a zippered pocket in the lining.   I added a slip pocket on the other side.
I smile when I look inside my bag, seeing this beautiful, lemony fabric!

Handles on the top of the bag.  I love these details.
Surprise.... there's another zippered pocket in the front pocket!!

What do I think about this bookbag backpack , after making it?
I  L.O.V.E. it!!

It's sturdy in it's design... yet so stylish.
It will hold a lot of fabric books and things!  It will really 'work' for you.
You have the options of using it as a backpack , or a bookbag .... using the  handles on top  or the shoulder strap.
It has lots of pockets!!!  I adore that front zippered pocket hidden  inside the front slip pocket!!

This was a project where I did have to stop to  rip out some stitching.... but it was a careless mistake that I made.   
I put one of the backpack straps on upside down.   (I  now have marked my directions with a red marker at that section!!)  But this is an error caused by my rushing around and not "checking it twice".

Will I make it again?  I most certainly know that I will. I think I might  make one , leaving the backpack straps off.  I love the handles at the top of the bag, and the shoulder strap.
I can see it carrying my laptop around when I travel.

Where can you get this fabulous pattern?   Click here:   At Home with Mrs H 
It is available on instant download!!  

Not only is Samantha an awesome designer, but she is also a sweetheart who is donating a free pattern for a giveaway on my blog!!  That means that you have a great chance of winning this beautiful and functional bookbag backpack pattern!!

This giveaway is now closed.  Thank you for your comments!
When?            August 28, 2013  12:01 am EST  -  September 4, 2013 10:00 pm EST
How to enter:    leave a comment on this blog post....  anything will do.
 Need an idea?  You can tell me what you would carry in your bookbag if you made one !
Leave me your email address in the comment....     then I will email you directly if you are the winner.  (If I can't find an address for you, I will have to have Mr Random Number Generator pick a new winner.)

Good luck!  
I'm off to my sewing room!

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  1. Wow Susie!!! That is gorgeous!!!! Love the lemon pop too and your back pack is so stylish and sturdy too!!! Can't beat it! Makes me want to go sew one now, but got to get to bed and get up early for work tomorrow!

  2. Fabulous Susie! I love the fabric you chose!
    I'd love to make one of these - does anyone have a source for these zippers in the UK???

  3. That bag it's great!! I absolutely love you're fabric choices!! I would definitely use something like this when I go on quilt shop hop bus trips. I think it would be great for something like that!

  4. This bag is awesome!! Love your colors and the colors on the first one. I would make this for my granddaughter. Thank you for sharing.

  5. i love that but love all her patterns

  6. Very versatile. Love the many different uses. More than that though - I love your fabric combo - so pretty. Yet again - excellent work and style. You've got bag making all sewn up!

  7. I would probably end up making one for each of my kids (one boy, one girl) so there's no telling wht would be crammed in there :). Thanks for a chance to win!

  8. It may be for books, but I would use it to carry my portable sewing/crocheting projects! It would be perfect to fill with a water bottle, hat, EPP kit or crochet kit...strap it on my back (leaving my hands free to carry my chair) and head to the beach for a day of stitching/crocheting while listening to the soothing strains of the sea!

  9. I love your bag Susie! The fabrics are great!

    1. Jan, you are the winner of the Bookbag Backpack pattern! I need you to email me, so I can email you with details !


  10. Great bag Susie, I would have no problem filling it! It certainly beats the freebie bag that I currently carry my travel sewing projects around in :)

  11. Oh what wonder fabric choices! A lovely bag!

  12. I love your bag Susie! You chose such beautiful fabrics!

  13. It came out beautifully! A really good choice of fabrics for this project.


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