Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Spring Inspiration

Even though it was a rainy weekend here, the  vibrant purple and pink flowers in my yard 
seemed to jump out of  from the greens, and say, "Hey!  Look at me!!"

From my backyard
I love these colors together!   I have not worked with a lot of solid colors for the main fabrics of a quilt, but would like to make a quilt in  a modern pattern someday.  I love reading about modern quilting and try to   absorb the  style and  technique information  from all of the talented modern quilters' blogs out there.

After I saved this picture on my computer, I remembered  seeing a blog,  Little Bluebell, where Adrianne told us about a really neat tool, called  Palette Builder 2.   (Thanks for this great information, Adrianne!)

I just went to Play Crafts, and clicked on  load image, to upload my photo.  Look what colors I have picked out, to inspire me to find these colors of fabric!

Purple Wildflowers 
Isn't this so neat?!
I went ahead and made these other palettes... and filed them under "Inspiration."

Bleeding hearts fuschia and greens

Mossy and lilacs

Oh, I could spend hours playing around with this new toy!   That link is:  Palette Builder 2 @Play Crafts

Those yummy browns and greens remind me of a Diaper Bag set that I made this past month.  I wanted to make a diaper bag, which could "double" as a tote/purse, and include  a few fun and useful pouches , made in coordinating fabrics.  

The Pattern:    Pocket Parade Tote    by Penny Sturges at Quilts

The fabrics:   
Kate Spain's  Fandango     photo courtesy of  Fat Quarter Shop
I used the brown and green and blue colorways of this Fandango.  I added some blender brown fabric  from  Connecting

Mirage Brown

The Pocket Parade Tote Diaper Bag set...   note the four outside pockets on the tote

Pouch Patterns:     The Secret Pocket Envelope Clutch from
                                   Open Wide Zippered Pouch     by Anna of   * this is a tutorial,  and if you look for the link on this page, you can see the measurements for 3 different sizes !

Special touches that I added:
Pocket Parade Tote:    I added a zippered pocket in the  inside lining
Open Wide Zippered Pouch:

  •    I used   Insul-Brite  for the batting  (to keep bottles cold or some food warm).  I machine quilted this to the outer fabric.  Don't iron it!
  • I used the PUL (Polyurethane Laminate) White from  for the pouch lining. This is a laminated knit fabric, that is waterproof.  (I just used clips instead of pins, as I didn't want to make any extra pin holes in the laminate .)  It was easy to use.
  • I made the pouch the medium size.... big enough for 2 small bottles and various food containers for babies

Secret Pocket Envelope Clutch:     I made the largest size.  It has a pearl snap closure.

Diaper Bag set.  The pouches match the lining fabric.
I wanted the set to look modern... I think I succeeded.  Her mother told me that when she opened up the diaper bag, and pulled out the Secret Pocket Envelope Clutch.... she said, "Oh, what's this?  A clubbing clutch?! "     giggle
Hope you are finding inspirations all around you!

I am linking up today :     to a new feature found  at Ali Makes  blog....   called  Tutorial Tuesday Linky Party 

Your  Link up is a project you recently made or are currently making in the form of a blog post or Flickr picture. This can be anything sewing related.

Hop on over (Alie Makes ) and see other great tutorials that folks have found!  This is a great way to find  blogs , and find awesome tutorials!  Great idea, Alie!

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I'm off to my sewing room!


  1. Wow - cute set! She's going to make all the other girls a nice way! Your flowers are awesome!!! Isn't that palette builder fun?

  2. I just found the Palette Builder also and I love it! Your bags are so sweet and I love how they all coordinate. Thanks for telling us the changes you made - it's always nice to change things up a bit!
    Julie @ The Crafty Quilter

  3. Ha ha! We all love this Palette Builder! I have posted about it too this week! Love your photo's and you bags!
    ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com

  4. I need to try out the Palette Builder! I've seen a few other blogs mention it. Love those bags! You make such lovely bags and baskets... something I've never made. Maybe I'll get brave and give the patterns you mentioned a try :)

  5. The Palette Builder looks like such good fun, though strictly speaking your bags show you match col ours and fabrics wonderfully without it.

  6. What is that first purple flower?? It's driving me insane haha It kinda looks like plumbago only not enough petals, but the bud looks like a geranium only I've never seen one that color...

  7. These are fantastic - I love fandango :-)

  8. They look incredible! Very professional! Thanks for linking up to the Kate Spain blog hop!


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