Saturday, May 25, 2013

Blocks and Paper Piecing

This week, my computer died on me.  I was not too frustrated, because I have been storing my pictures and embroidery files on an external hard drive.  And the laptop was a 'hand-me-down' from my husband.    But as we all know, it takes time to figure out what you are even looking for... in features and spec's, and then it takes time to go to the stores and actually look at them and try to type on them!  Then it takes time to get everything running on it at home.  So I didn't get much sewing time in this week.

But....I  did squeeze in some  time to sew a Dr. Who Tardis block, for my daughter.  She is a big Dr. Who fan ( on BBC tv ), and  got my husband and I watching it .  We enjoy it's quirkiness.  
Her Tardis cookie jar

Her mini Tardis , posing in a snow drift

The Tardis pattern,  designed by Caroline of Trillium Design, is the first block in the Dr Who Along!  The Dr Who Along is being  hosted  at Whims and Fancies.  Soma,  Whims and Fanices blog,  has some awesome paper pieced patterns and really fun sew alongs!  Check out her blog and Craftsy shop.

Dr.Who. Along

This pattern came along right in time for my daughter's birthday! I love Caroline's  pattern!

The Tardis block       (my husband picked out the starry background)

I made it into a mini wall hanging,and mailed it to her.  She has it hanging above her desk now.

The Tardis        Susie
Mini wall hanging

Another  block that I made this month, is the May block in the  And Sew On BoM.
Kristy's  "Keep Calm and Press On"  May Block    courtesy of Quiet Play

  Kristy, of Quiet Play, has designed these fun blocks with the sewing theme. Isn't this iron pattern so cute!  May's block is free, and can be downloaded on Craftsy  during May.   While you are there, look at all of her patterns!  They are delightful!
I decided to make my iron pink .  I have always thought that would make ironing more fun!

Press On!  block     My little pink iron by Susie

Keep Calm and  Press  On !

Half of the blocks so far...

Other half of the blocks up to now

All of the blocks so far!
Kristy has a new Friday Feature.... a Paper Piecing Linky Party!  You  can link up a picture of something that you made this is foundation paper pieced, and see other great projects!  I love this , because I'll get so many new ideas for patterns and projects!

Linky Party at Quiet Play on weekends

Well, time to go learn more things on my laptop.  
I hope you have an enjoyable Memorial Day weekend!

I'm off to my sewing room!


  1. Fabulous Dr Who block. I definitely need to make one too for a family member. I am also an avid fan myself! LOL!!!
    All of your blocks are actually gorgeous! You are really good at PP!!!
    ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com
    esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo dot com

  2. Oh the Tardis mini turned out beautifully! I bet your daughter was thrilled!

    I'm loving how your And Sew On Blocks are looking all together! Fantastic Susie!

  3. I am so excited to see your next And Sew On BOM block! They really have all turned out just super. And I almost passed out with excitement from seeing your Tardis!!!!! It. Is. Perfect. I'm a little jealous of your daughter right now, but very thankful you shared it with us :D

  4. Oh that is so cool !!! I haven't gotten into dr. Who yet . I love the see on blocks as well !
    I feel your pain with the computer stuff ... We went through that last month !

  5. I love these blocks, especially the sewing notions. They look so pretty all hung out on the line!

  6. Oh that was such a fantastic present for your daughter!! Your sewing blocks look wonderful together! Love your colors :)

  7. Fantastic blocks - Tardises (is that the plural) seem to be a popular subject for paper piecing this week! Great gift!

  8. Your iron block is absolutely perfect, especially the board. And the tardis! My son is also the doctor´s fan, so maybe...

  9. You are the paper-piecing queen. Beth has a tardis money box which looks exacty the same as Chrissie's cookie jar. Can't wait to see how all those sewing blocks go together too.

  10. Aha, another Whovian :) Us cool kids seem to group together!

  11. Beautiful pads! Your sewing I like :-)


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