Thursday, February 21, 2013

Pink and Black

Pink, Black and Buttons

Can something be pretty and elegant, even though it has a "funky" shape?
I say, "Yep!"   Read on, and tell me if you agree....

One of the projects that I worked on this week was making a zippered pouch for Rosa. She wanted something  very specific in size....  about 12 inches high, 9 inches wide, and 6 inches deep. (For traveling to Italy.)

I used the  pattern  Open Wide Zippered Pouch   by Anna of Noodlehead.  These pouches are so fun and functional!  And her tutorial is excellent,  with step by step instructions and pictures , and is free  of charge!
This is the pouch, made to Rosa's measurements.  (Don't  laugh at her funny shape!)

You  might stop laughing when you see how functional this little pouch is, and how much it can hold! And see how pretty she is,  all dressed up in pink and black!!  
The fabrics---  Michael Miller   It's A Girl Thing   Eiffel  Tower Blossom Pink  and  Ta Dot.

                          She can hold a lot , being 12 inches tall and 6 inches deep.  

Rosa also needed a jewelry pouch for traveling.  I found a really cute pattern,  called 8 Pocket Jewelry Pouch on Sew 4 Home .

The original size was a little too small, so I increased the diameter to 21 inches. ( It actually looked like it was going to be TOO big after cutting it.)

The inside layers  .... with pins at the 8 spokes that I stitched outward from the center. This forms the inner  pockets.
I used a lid to sew the bottom circle shape. 

I had to laugh at these two circle pieces. They reminded me of pizza dough, when I was topstitching them, going around the outer edge!

The finished pouch

There is a lot of room inside, and 8 side pockets

The original size is the little cutie on the left.  The big momma size is on the right.  See the beads on the end of the cord?

It was a good thing that I had to make 2 buttonholes for the big travel pouch.  This was good practice for the next project I worked on. 
I had to make 4 buttonholes, and make them function for real buttons to fit inside of them  shiver  in a new project.  (I had to read directions from my machine manual.)

My Test button hole .... Worked Perfectly!!  (The real purse... not so perfectly, but did a re-do.)
Yay!!!  I did it!!!

I can only show you a peek of what I was working on ...  a super cute new bag pattern  made by  Samantha,   of  At Home With Mrs H  !     She is still refining and tweaking the pattern, but after she has released the bag for sale in her etsy shop,  I will be able to show you what I made from her pattern.  


Two little peeks......
I can't wait to show you the finished bag!

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I'm off to my sewing room!


  1. All the travel pouches and bags match too! Very elegant :)

  2. I'm very tempted by that jewellery pouch, I hate when my necklaces get all tangled up! x

  3. How sweet is all of this? I have some of that pink fabric in your open wide zipper pouch. I love it! And I love that pattern. Those pouches are amazing! Great job, Susie!!!

  4. Love your traveling and jewelry bags! I made 10 of those jewelry bags to support NC Autism Services. The gal leading it wanted to raise $10,000 and she did. Of course she had many who helped sew them up. Great idea with making it larger. Fabric you used on both the traveling and jewelry bags are wonderful! I agree the traveling pouch is elegant!

  5. Nicely done! I think the functionality plays well with the zipper pouch and looks cute too! I really need a jewelry pouch, so thanks for the inspiration.

  6. Bon voyage, Rosa! She's going to be well organized for the trip, and the pink and black are so pretty!

  7. Hmmm... I need a few of those bags!! Great finishes!!

  8. Nicely done Susie. I have one of your pouches and use it every time I stop over anywhere so I know Rosa will love hers too.

  9. Oh wow the zipper one has such a great shape to it and love the fabric. oh wow here you go again. I really need to be locked up having all this inspiration.

  10. What wonderful projects and a touch of home while on the road!

  11. I am obsessed with 1) making crocheted infinity scarves, 2) repurposed linens from the flea market into shopping bags and 3) finishing a king size quilt top with a million pieces - the twisted chain pattern. and 4) starting a quilts of valor group here on our military base in Germany.


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