Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Bird Pincushion

Across the Pond Sew Along... Bird Pincushion

This morning, I told you about this month's Across The Pond Sew Along project for January, 2013.

                                        January 's  Across the Pond Sew Along:
Join in with us in the Across the Pond Sew Along
The January Project is:
   The Bird Pin Cushion/ Sachet  created by Joel Dewberry.
             Click  on this link to go directly  to the free pattern and directions!!
From the DIY dish.com and Joel Dewberry
Get the pattern and directions,   for free, at this link below:

I love pin  cushions and don't think that I can ever have too many of them!
 I chose my fabrics for a cheerful little bird:     'Piccadilly Lane' by Brenda Pinnick for Henry Glass and Company, for the body,  yellow polka dots for the belly, and a turquoise damask for the wings.
I studied Amanda's blog,  The Patchsmith ,  and read about her experience  making this bird . She has many wonderful tips, and I recommend you hopping over to read them before beginning the project!  
 I decided to try making my main body WITH the yellow beak "paper pieced" onto it.  With hopes that maybe  it wouldn't be bulky when turning it inside out.

I traced a piece of freezer paper with the beak shape and  a 1/4 " seam allowance
I then sewed the beak to the end of his face... just like it was paper pieced

This is the wrong side of the body, with the yellow beak pieced onto it.  

The bird is now "one piece" with the beak.  It was easy to turn inside out.

I used some brightly colored pony beads for her eyes. For  the wings, I ironed on some Pellon Fusible Fleece 987 to  the top pieces.  (I liked this on Amanda's bird.  It makes them a bit fuller.)

I used lots of pins, and matched the dots on the pattern.  I also sewed  in small sections ,  checking that  I caught all of the fabric in the seams.
I decided to add the wings to the body AFTER sewing the sides to the bottom ( as Amanda did. ) I used nylon invisible thread to attach them to her body.  (I am not too good at hiding stitches!)

I filled my bird with fiberfill in the head and tail areas, and then  with crushed walnut shell cat litter for the rest of the body. ( I got this at a pet store... they use it for bird cages, too.) This adds a nice weight to the pincushion.  I like this walnut shell filling a lot!
See my fancy  feather pins that Amy gave me for Christmas?!
I think that I will make lots of these cute birds for different holidays, to decorate my sewing room!

Won't you join  our flock and make your own bird pin cushion?  
Then you can link to our Flickr group and 'strut your feathers' with us!
I'm off to my sewing room!

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  1. These are so adorable. I've been a failure with the sew along so maybe this will be my must do project!

    1. I second Susie's comments. We started this group at one of the busiest times of the year what with Thanksgiving and Christmas. Hopefully things will settle down and be a bit quieter. But you can still be in the Pond and watching - that is okay too as your comments and encouragement spur us on.

  2. Hey , there is no such thing as a failure in this group!! You just haven't had the right time to jump in :)
    This is a fun one...not too challenging and fun!

  3. Good grief!...this little birdie pinnie is so adorable with his pins making the most marvelous of tails!!!

  4. Such a cute pincushion!! Love it! Perfect feather pins too!

  5. This is gorgeous! I am looking forward to making this! I still have to finish last month's project before I start this though. December was absolutely insane, so my sewing time was extremely limited. Thanks for finding such a great pattern!!

  6. Nice work Susie - love your paper-pieced beak. I also made the beak for my red one by making it as a separate unit and then adding it to the bird in the same way you would add a piece of ribbon (attached to RIGHT side with beak facing inwards so that when you turn the bird out the right way the beak is on the outside facing out). I will post a picture of it later.
    The pins are cute too - Amy gave me heart shaped ones for Christmas.

  7. Love, love, love, he's a cutie! xx

  8. Such a pretty little pincushion, and thanks for showing us your process! Whoop whoop!!

  9. Like the "tail feathers" on the bird...Thanks for sharing..


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