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Crafted Applique Book Tour & Giveaway

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Welcome to the Crafted Applique' : New Possibilities Book Tour !

There's a new book in town !   Lara Buccella,  of  Buzzin Bumble blog,  has written her first book . She has been busier {than a bee !}  for a couple of years, fine tuning her   instructions,  and creating fun applique'  projects for her new book,
  "Crafted Applique'... New Possibilites. "

Lara kindly sent me a copy of the book, and I am excited to share with you how easy and fun it is to use Lara's "Crafted Applique' " method!   ( And, there are 2 giveaways at the end of the  post!)

In the first part of the book , Lara clearly and patiently takes the reader through the steps of her applique'  method , using an ordinary craft product.  The result is applique' with clean edges, which is easier to sew on to projects!  This  applique' won't fray , even after multiple washings. ( See Dana's  Stormy Days  blog! ) Plus, smaller  appliqued details can be added.

Below , is a section of the  Cecropia Utopia applique' , from  Crafted Applique' .
See how detailed and intricate you can make this moth?  Don't you love the edges?!  Lara made this beauty!

Photo courtesy of Lara Buccella, from Crafted Applique' book
Cecropia Utopia is a pillow project in the book !

 The second part of the book has many clever and fun projects to make .... using applique', of course!! These projects are so cute and diverse!    I have fallen in love with the  gorgeous small holiday quilt ...  for Christmas !  { I will be making this quilt before Christmas, so keep checking here!}

So guess what I did after I read  drooled over the projects?  I  got  inspired to give crafted qpplique'  a try! I picked up a WIP,  which had been stalled at the  " making the applique'" stage.  

My Goal:   Try out this Crafted Applique' technique in "real life"

My Project:

 The "All in the Family" Quilt -    design from the book , Simplify With Camille Roskelley .
 I wanted to add an appliqued Mermaid in the center of the quilt.  

Combining two  excellent books!!

I had a lot of  tons of fabric left over from making a child's seahorse quilt {see here}  and  a basket for a little baby girl's nursery .  The fabric line is Spring House by Stephanie Ryan for Moda.

I prepared the mermaid  applique' pieces,  according to Lara's directions.  I think the hardest part  for me was pre-washing my fabrics!  Next,  I sewed them easily on to the  four white center blocks of the quilt,  with a regular straight stitch!  I matched colors to the fabrics , with my Madeira Rayon threads.

I am so thrilled with how they feel and  look!!

Miss Mermaid , swimming among the bubbles

Bubbles with nice clean edges 

I am  so happy that I added the mermaid to the quilt!!

What do I think about the " Crafted Applique' " book ? 
                                 It's a Home Run ! 
                                          An   A ++++   
                                                      It really  works !!

  • I love Lara's writing style.   The reader gets  to see what she thinks about,   and  what she has learned, along her quilting journey.  It's informative and fun.

  • The photos and instructions  in this book are extremely well written. I feel as if I have taken a class with Lara, and then been given all of her notes to take home as my own !  (I LOVE that!)

  • I love how it taught me this new method, and  how it inspired me to add applique' easily to another project!  

  • And, it  left me with the desire to make projects from the  "Crafted Applique' book!"  I can't wait to start my  Folk Art Christmas quilt from the book!                                                   

Want to see the rest of the quilt?

All in the Family quilt... with a mermaid  - made by Susie's Sunroom

Quilt Details:

Pattern:    All in the Family    by Camille Roskelley  ( in her  Simplify book)

Size:   60.5 "  x 60.5 "

Fabrics:   Spring House   by Stephanie Ryan for  Moda  (from my stash)
               White tonal    from my stash

Block size:  8 " finished

Mermaid Applique':  pattern (Here  , from pinterest) . I used it as a template  and          enlarged it, and used the  Crafted Applique'  preparation for applique' (for smooth edges)

Batting:   Warm and Natural  100% cotton

Quilting:  Random wavy lines

Thread:  Aurifil 50 wt.    #2024 Cream for piecing and #3320  Green (from Color Me Happy     collection) for the wavy lines on top of the quilt.  The green shows just a hint of color.

The back:    I "super sized " the  block - by  multiplying times 5 , to make a 49 " finished block

The flimsy front and back of the quilt

The finished back of the quilt-

I think this makes a really cool back for a child's quilt, don't you?

The  blocks remind me  bubbles that surround the mermaid as she swims.

Bubbles and color

The binding shows pops of  pink!

While I was writing up this post for my blog, another "little" applique project popped into my head.....

Wouldn't this be a darling little "Deluxe Pincushion"... from another fabulous book, "Sew Organized for the Busy Girl", by Heidi Staples (from FabricMutt blog)?!

The result from combining these 3 books...  an
 All In the Family Mermaid Deluxe Pincushion
I knew I could  actually make the mermaid super-teensie , coming in at 2 1/4 " long x 1" wide, since I now have the Crafted Applique' Tool in my sewing tool bag!

My Mini Me Mermaid Deluxe Pincushion  on my All In the Family Mermaid Quilt  

This tiny mermaid was easy to apply... using the Crafted Applique' technique!

Was this little pincushion fun to make?   
Guess so.....   another one popped up right after the first one was finished!!

Deluxe pincushions ...a fusion of  Crafted Applique', Simplify, and Sew Organized !!

Deluxe Pincushion Details:

Patterns:   Deluxe Pincushion  by Heidi Staples (in her Sew Organized for the Busy Girl book)   AND    All in the Family block    by Camille Roskelley  ( in her  Simplify book)

I reduced the block size to 4.5  " x 4.5 "  to fit on the front pocket of the deluxe pincushion

Mermaid Applique':  pattern (Here  , from pinterest) . I used it as a template  and          reduced  it ( to  2 1/4 " long x 1" wide) , and used the  Crafted Applique'  preparation for applique' (for smooth edges)

Fabric:   scraps from Spring House by Stephanie Ryan for  Moda

Finished pincushion size:  5.5 " x 6.5 "

I made the backs scrappy !

Thank you for stopping by and seeing my  new projects using crafted applique' . 

Now.... for the GIVEAWAYS!!  Two chances to win !

****** Giveaways are now closed. ***********

Giveaway # 1:  A  'Crafted Applique'.... New Possibilities'   book
  Lara has generously given me a copy of  Crafted Applique'.... New Possibilities to give away to a lucky reader as a prize!

Giveaway #1  from Lara !

Giveaway #2:   An 'All In the Family Mermaid'  Deluxe       Pincushion 
  A second  lucky reader will win this  'All In the Family Mermaid' Deluxe Pincushion , made by me!

Giveaway #2  from Susie's Sunroom !

For a chance to win one of the prizes...

*  Simply leave a comment for a chance to win the book   or pincushion !  *

{ If you would like a prompt:    Have you combined books for making a project ? If so... what books did you use together ? I'd love to know! }

Please - If you are a no-reply blogger, remember to leave your e-mail address so that I will have a way to contact you if you win.

The winners will be selected on June 4, 2016,  with two random prize drawings.

Winners are now chosen. The Giveaway is closed. 

If you can't wait to see if you are a winner of the book .... you can purchase the book at these sites now ! 

At:    BuzzinBumble 
        AQS Shop

You will also want to stop and visit the other  "powerhouse"  quilters in the Crafted Applique' Blog Hop!  Here is the calendar for the Blog Hop Book Tour!  

Crafted Appliqué: New Possibilities Blog Hop
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See you around at the blog hop!!

I'm off to my sewing room!

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  1. Your mermaids, large and small, are amazing. Love your quilt and cushions. Lara's book looks amazing too.

  2. Oh. My. Goodness. Susie! This just goes to show what happens when you take a great quilter and turn her loose with some fun quilting books! I love how you combined ideas from so many places and came up with your beautiful version of the All in the Family quilt! Your mermaid swimming in the bubbles is the best! Such a great touch for that quilt! And I love how you supersized a block to make that incredible backing... so cool!
    Thank you for writing such a terrific blog hop post and book review and for all the wonderful things you said! Your idea of making a teeny, tiny mermaid is so awesome and now you have me all excited about new possibilities too Susie! I LOVE that you took the Crafted Applique method and just let your own creativity flow free! You made the most adorable pincushions!

  3. I love appliqué, and am excited to learn a new method. Your quilt turned out darling! I have a daughter who may want me to do something similar when she sees this quilt!

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  6. Nice quilt! I combine books / pattern ideas all the time. Makes things interesting that way!

  7. Your mermaids are lovely. The quilt is awesome. I am so intrigued to learn about this method of applique.

  8. I definitely have this book on my wish list. I think it opens a new world of applique to those that have never tried it. Your mermaid is perfection. Really like this quilt and pincushion.

  9. How wonderful that this book enabled you to finish up a stalled out WIP! It really looks like an amazing technique! Your quilt is a real is fun to see those fabrics again! And the pincushion is totally adorable!

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  11. yesss I have used two for the quilt block another for the applaque or the arangment of a quilt... ...

  12. That quilt with added mermaid...perfect! I tend to take a pattern and change it up all the time. I rarely make the quilt like a pattern. I guess I like to put my own twist on it!

  13. Darling mermaid quilt and the pincushion with the pocket is sweet. I have combined ideas from more than one book before, but I don't recall which books.

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  17. This book looks so awesome! I would love to learn this applique technique. No I have never combined books or patterns. I have always basically followed the directions :-) Thanks for the giveaway!

  18. Cute quilt. Yes, I have combined patterns. I am working on a UFO top that I decided the reason I did not finish it right away was that it still needed something. So I am adding an applique border.

  19. Ooooh! Love Looove LOOOOOVE!!!! your Mermaid!!! The Quilt is how you did the back too!!! :D Would love to win the book..thank you for the chance! & also for the Super pincushion!! (I loooove Mermaids!!! giggle..could ya tell?) Thank you for sharing your projects! :)

  20. i love your mermaid quilt and i will be trying your idea for the back of the quilt. i really hope i win the book but will not be sad if i win the pincusion instead :).

  21. Your projects are just lovely and I am anxious to learn Lara's technique so I can do some fancy applique. I often modify patterns, combine patterns, etc. Right now I'm making a quilt of paper pieced blocks from two different designers that I have adjusted the sizes so they work together. I'm loving the way they look so far.

  22. I think that your quilt is beautiful and with the appliqued mermaid it adds so much pizzazz to the quilt; what a fabulous applique selection you made and the edges are spectacular. I am so hoping I win a copy of the book! Thank you for sharing and have a fantastic creative day!

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  24. I adore your quilt and pincushions! The mermaid is sooooo cute. I can't say for sure if I have ever combined ideas from more than one book...I suppose I have learned this or that from one book or another and later on used more than one thing together...I don't do much applique but want to really do more as I adore the results. I have several applique projets I have been putting off--some Toni Whitney kits, McKenna Ryan ones, and two kits for art quilts my husband got me from a local artist. Oh and a pug he bought the pattern for years ago that I keep putting off. I am hoping that this technique can get me out of the rut because I LOVE the quilt projects just not the normal techniques. I am also working on the Splendid Sampler and much of it is applique. I treated myself to applique scissors yesterday with a coupon.

  25. Such a pretty quilt, and the mermaid is a perfect addition.

    refusestofear at yahoo dot com

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    quilting dash lady at comcast dot net

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    so many times I see just any fabric on the back. I like it when the back is nice enough to be the front!

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  34. What sweet pincushions and quilt. They turned out really cute. I have combined piecing and appliqué, but usually just using a traditional piecing technique so it wasn't from two books. Most of the appliqué was just to enhance say a pieced house block. Thanks for sharing!

  35. Cute ideas. I haven't really combined patterns or books but just modify things with my own ideas. Thanks!

  36. Wow...your quilt is terrific! I'm scrapily quilting through life...

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  41. Susie your mermaid quilt is the cutest! Lara's process for applique is wonderful and your little pin cushions are adorable!!

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  43. I have combined many patterns, usually adding applique to pieced patterns.

  44. I can't come up with a time I combined books but I combine patterns all the time. I love the bag of your quilt as well as the front.

  45. I have not combined projects, but I sometimes make my own "twist" on a pattern.
    I would love to try out Lara's appliqué technique!

  46. I love your quilt and the pincushions are lovely, too. I don't usually use patterns from books, I prefer to design everything myself, but I certainly combine traditional blocks with each other and my appliqué.

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  49. My combinations are usually an applique center with a pieced border. I have enjoyed meeting new-to-me quilting bloggers on this hop and seeing their wonderful work (like your bow-tie/mermaid quilt). I really, really want to try Lara's technique for myself!

  50. I actually said out loud, "No Way!" when I saw your teensie tiny mermaid on the pincushion!! Love the quilt (has me thinking of my own family quilt), love Camille's stuff, LOVE what you did with the back, and I just adore those two pincushions Please include me for a chance to win one. I have the book though, so don't pick me for that :-)

  51. Your results from combining patterns and Lara's amazing technique produced an incredible quilt.....and pincushions. I love the idea for the back too. I am currently working between two books - one on paper piecing and the other on words.

  52. This is amazing! My daughter loves mermaids and this quilt is so beautiful-- I think I'll use it as "inspiration" (copy) it for a pillow for my girl's bed. And that tiny mermaid pincushion is too cute. Thanks for sharing!!

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    sewfabrics at

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    And that deluxe pincushion is darling.

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  59. Need some help , not the best at doing it

  60. Crafted Applique is definitely a HOme Run and a Hit out of the Park!
    I'm quite new to applique and not so confident however Lara's methodology works for me. Thanks for sharing your Mermaid quilt and pinnie how to's!
    I live beside the city of Mermaids, how unique to know there's a quilted possibility of that icon. Thank you.


  61. Your work is absolutely delightful. Just looking at the big mermaid made me smile....and the little pin cushion is adorable. I'd love to give it a home! I was really impressed with your backing treatment. How neat to enlarge the basic block....good ideas afoot here. Thanks for a chance to win.

  62. This looks like a great technique. Thanks so much for sharing

  63. Lara has been so busy, and I see your fabrics are so suited to the design. What a great give-away. And the larger one, so impressive, and a great backing, very reversible too. And it would be wonderful for a whole front.

  64. This applique technique was made for your cute mermaids large and small. I loved the backing on the quilt ( the front too of course) and the mini pincushion. I made a king size quilt that combined applique patterns from Lynette Anderson books, applique blocks from Bunny Hills Henrietta Whiskers and blocks from various blogs.

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  72. Omg. So cute. I want to learn how! Thanks

  73. I don't think I ever combined patterns from books; I rarely work from a book, but read them for ideas and techniques. I tend to use try-out blocks (from books) in journal covers (patterns from other quilting bloggers). I have often thought of combining a low volume pieced background with appliqué motifs. But machine appliqué has scared me for ages. Thanks for the chance to win a copy of this delightful book.

  74. Your quilt is adorable! I love the mermaid applique and the pincushion is so sweet. I love pincushions. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  75. I've never combined books, per se, but I've taken an applique pattern from one project and applied it to a different quilt. I was so proud of myself, lol. I currently have several projects that are stalled at the make-the-applique part, so I'm looking forward to learning this technique!

  76. Oh! that pincushion is the cutest thing ever! and that mermaid quilt is just adorable! Great review of the book...gotta get it!

  77. Your mermaid is so cute! Thanks for the chance to win the prizes. cknapp3626(at)sbcglobal(dot)net

  78. Your mermaid quilt is gorgeous, but the tiny mermaids are amazing! I really need to get my hands on a copy of that book :)
    I pick and mix from my library of craft books as there are so many tempting projects to try in them.

  79. Your quilt is fantastic!!

  80. Love your quilt! So much work for the back but it looks like it could be the front as well. I follow a book or pattern pretty closely. But I haven't found an applique method that works for me. I've taken a couple of classes but haven't even finished up one block. Maybe this book would be for me. kthurn(at)bektel(dot)com

  81. My dau in law loves mermaids and this quilt would be perfect for her

  82. What great projects w/ what looks like such a great technique! I would love to learn more of it. Thank you - and your quilt is fabulous! I have never combined books for the same project - But I should keep an open mind now when I am looking through mine!

  83. I can't wait to try this technique.

  84. Very nicely done, I love the mermaid in the center. I once did a log cabin quilt with blocks that each had a very large center square into which I fussy cut an animal print. Different animal in each center... turned out very cute and my grandson liked it.

  85. Your projects are great (I checked out your seahorses and love them, too). I have never tried mixing two patterns, but may have to get more adventurous once I try Lara's new technique. Thank you for sharing your creations and the chance to win.

  86. Lovely projects Susie! Your back is perfect just like the front! Well done!


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