Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Simply Striped Pillow Blog Hop

A Blog Hop Is Coming...

A Blog Hop here on March 2 to March 8 !

Guess what?!  There's a Blog Hop coming here on Monday, March 2!

Six talented and amazing  quilters are coming  over to Susie's Sunroom, 
to share a pillow that they make, using  my new pattern.... 
                       the Simply Striped Accent Pillow !   {on Craftsy here }

Click here to go to Craftsy

It's  a tutorial style pattern, with directions for sewing up a 13 " by " plump pillow.  

I have showed you two of my pillows so far...

My Valentine's Day pillow  using a Patchsmith applique pattern   {blogged here}

The Simply Striped  accent pillow... as a mate  for my
Quilt Art Designs winter snow star block {blogged here}
Oh, and did I mention that there will be a GIVEAWAY  or two  that week, too?!

I hope you will be stopping by during the blog hop to see the latest pillow ideas!!

The Schedule-                                     their  blog links

March 2   Elaine    Summercrafter

March 3   Susie  Susie's Sunroom

March 4   Geta      Geta's Quilting Studio

March 5   Sheri   Sunshine in the Attic

March 6   Lara    BuzzinBumble

March 7   Amanda    The Patchsmith

March 8   Amy  Amy Made That!


Red Letter Day Mini blocks-
I completed a third mini Red Letter Day block, in pink:

Three  pink blocks for February  (7.5 inch )

 Pattern  Design by Camille Rosskelley  - Red Letter Day #177                                                                                                                      at Thimbleblossoms

Yes, I made the same mistake again !  Four of the half square triangles were put in wrong again, and had to be ripped out.   (Serves me right for getting a little smug, until the 4th row.)  But it ended up well.  ( I looked for the errors sooner this time, so there was less to rip out.)
I am ' bound and determined'  to not make the same mistakes in the fourth block!  We''ll see how that goes....

I'm off to my sewing room!


  1. Susie, those red letter day blocks in pink are really wonderful! Such a lot of tiny pieces!
    Well I am super excited to be coming to blog here in your Sunroom and hope I do justice to your very complimentary introduction... hee hee. You are really going to like the pillow I'm working on!
    I'll be announcing your Simply Striped Pillow blog hop tomorrow, when I announce the winner of the giveaway.

  2. I'd like to chime in and say how pleased I am to be a part of this fun Blog Hop! I can't wait to show what I've made from this very versatile pattern. It will be fun seeing so many versions popping up all over blogland!

  3. I am so looking forward to this blog hop. I will have to sew really well seeing I'm in such good company. But that wont be hard with your lovely little pattern - and Amy's zippered cushion back.

  4. A pattern and a blog hop?!?! Looks like I have another sewlebrity friend!!! I am so proud of you and you can bet I will be here to see what the others have made using your pattern!!!! I love your pink blocks and fingers crossed that fourth time is the charm!!!!!!

  5. So simple yet beautiful design! Can't wait to see what everyone makes!!



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