Saturday, June 21, 2014

June Block Talk

Patchique' Blocks and a Mini Nested Churn Dash

It's been awhile since I had time to make a few Patchique' Blocks, with Amanda, The Patchsmith, but I was able to get two blocks done this week.

Making blocks along- side Amanda, The Patchsmith
Japanese Taupe Quilts book   by Susan Briscoe
The first block:  #21    Kasuri juji  (which means Kasuri crosses)

Block #21  from Japanese Taupe Quilts   page 46 in book

This block has 49 pieces... but went pretty smoothly .(It still amazes me when it turns out ok !)

#21  Kasuri crosses                          by Susie's Sunroom

The applique' block:   #80    Neji nioi ume (Matching twisted plum blossom)
Block #80    page 81 from   book

I decided to make each petal a different fabric, like Amanda did on her block.

Block #80  Matching twisted plum blossom    by Susie's Sunroom

I was pleased to see that it also featured a yoyo center.

Blocks #21 and #80                 by Susie's Sunroom

Completed blocks..... 30 of them now!
I am so happy to be learning so many piecing and sewing skills by doing these blocks with Amanda!  

I also made a rather sad attempt to make my first mini Nested Churn Dash block. I am going to totally blame Amanda,  The Patchsmith , because she made this tiny block look SO EASY!! (see her blog here

  As you  see below ,my  mini Churn Dash turned out a bit wonky,  and thus , is officially  a mini Churn Crash !     
I need to sew slower,  use zero steam, and  pick different fabrics (no stripes).  (I will not be submitting this to the Nested Churn Dash Sew Along, I guess!)

My wonky 2 inch  center for a Nested Churn Dash block...
  (notice I did not put my name on it?!)
Wanna see how cute Amanda's "mini's" are?  

The Patchsmith's   Nested Churn Dash blocks .. they are  growing
and so darn cute!!

Well, after seeing Amanda's again,   I just may be trying this Nested Churn Dash block again!

I'm off to my sewing room!


  1. Giggle - your nested churn crash makes me smile. Sewing a 2" block is hard enough without adding stripes into the mix - giggle. Little blocks are tricky and I agree, sewing when tired or when short of time seldom works out well. I lost some of my baby points due to sewing after a tiring day at work!!
    But - and it is a big BUT - your Patchique blocks are awesome. Your patchwork is amazing and you have really stepped up your skills when making these blocks. I love your colours - it is going to look so Japanese-y with the browns, taupes and turquoises - and the little touches of red. There are just 14 more blocks to make before we put them all together. We are in the 'home stretch' - exciting times.

  2. Oh, well, I always say...if you're going to make a mistake, make it funny. This is more FUN than funny - I think choosing stripeless will help a lot with your next try. I have to agree with Amanda that the Patchique blocks are very pretty and much more typical of your skills!

  3. I love that you showed your wonky churn dash block-- I can't get much of my work to look perfect and straight like Amanda's and Amy's. How do they make it look so simple? I hope to figure out their secret some day!

  4. That light blue and gray color combo looks really nice. This is going to be one awesome quilt when you're done!

  5. The number of pieces in your Japanese blocks always amazes me! The blocks are gorgeous and I can't imagine how long they must take to make. That is the teensiest, tiniest nested churn dash I have ever seen and looks like paper piecing may be the way to go!!! Have a great week Susie!

  6. I loved that your used what you had and it looks so good together! I vaguely remember rainbow polka dot sheets and a really ugly wallpaper border when I was little but that's about it The best Cute baby bedding sets


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